Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Married

by admin on July 01, 2011

In our society there is so much focus on getting married and starting a family that tons of people jump blindly into the dark waters and the get swallowed whole by the black abyss. Now really why should we get married? I mean there’s obviously a focus on it and we are brought up believing that’s what we’re supposed to do, but why are we supposed to do it? Because society says so? Because there’s a tax break? Well, honestly I don’t know why we’re supposed to get married, but here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. Children – Yea kids are great right? Only when you can give them back to their owners. Again this is something society has instilled in our heads from day one. We are supposed grow up get married and breed. Well the fact of the matter is that kids are damn expensive! The average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is $250,000, yes you read that number right. And on top of that ridiculous number some people simply shouldn’t be parents.

2. You feel like you’re at that age – So many guys will simply say screw it let’s get married because they feel like they have reached “that age” and it’s “the thing to do.” Well that’s just rubbish! There is no age limit and there is no “supposed” to do at any certain age. You are just throwing away yourself because of what society has implanted in your brain since you were a child.

3. You think it’s a good financial move – Just because there is a bit of a tax break doesn’t mean you’re going to get married and magically become rich. I’m not sure which fools actually think that will happen but believe you me they are out there. In fact marriage can have the exact opposite effect on your bank account. When you factor in your wife using your money to go shopping on top of the bills, the groceries, two cars etc etc you’ll have a better chance of winding up flat broke out on your ass then you will being rich.

4. You think it will complete you as a person – All I can do is point and laugh if you think this is what it takes to fully grow up. Yea yea so many people will be saying “Well you don’t really know what life is all about till you get married.” Haha that is absurd! You can live a very full and fulfilled life without ever being married. Plus if you stay single you can have so many more awesome adventures without having a nagging wife telling you that you need to take the trash out and get back to fixing things around the house. Now, that alone doesn’t sound like fun.

5. The wedding itself – Do you know how stupidly expensive a wedding is? You thought raising a child was expensive? Well, yea it is but to start it all off you have another quarter of a million dollars to deal with to make sure your bride is happy. And yes you have to make sure she is happy, it honestly doesn’t matter how you feel about anything through the whole process. All you want to do is wear something a little more comfortable then a monkey suit and have a damn beer, but that’s not even close the way it goes. You more or less have to ask permission to breathe to make sure it fits into the schedule.

6. The marriage itself – Have you ever had a long time girlfriend? Well then you know how nerve racking it can be at times. Now multiply that annoying nerve racking feeling and then make it last for 40 years! It’s absolutely ridiculous!!! Why would any want to wake up next to the same annoying person day after day while you watch them sleep and plan their demise? It’s baffling how people would want to go through all of that, and even worse they sit there and take it day after day and don’t break it off. Then they tell their friends how awful their wife is, so why not leave? Why not even do it in the first place? DUH!

7. Divorce – In this day and age divorce is a very common thing. Over half the marriages in the U.S. End in divorce after a few years. That means that you don’t even have a 50-50 chance of surviving. You have LESS than 50% chance of making something that actually works for the long run. And guess what, yep more money. Divorces are not cheap by any means, you have lawyer fees, court costs and then of course once it’s over the man still loses half of his assets. Granted a lot of us end up losing our assets the longer we have a girlfriend so by the time you are married you aren’t left with much, but she will gladly take what’s left.

8. The ridiculous notion that women are the relationship – There’s no other way to put it and you know exactly what I mean. The entire relationship becomes about the woman, now a relationship is supposed to be two people sharing a life together but somewhere along the line you get completely shut out of the picture. It doesn’t matter what you like, what you want to do, nothing about you matters anymore. You have to cater to the woman and make sure she is happy 24-7 or you are going to end up less happy than her.

9. The absurd thought that how she feels rules your world – Now don’t get me wrong you should care about other people’s feelings other than your own but they shouldn’t rule your life. Once you’re married there’s nothing you can do if she isn’t happy. She will pout around the house, give you the cold shoulder, skip out on your dinner and just overall make you feel like crap. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about every little aspect of someone’s inner workings just so you can get a glimpse of happiness.

10. Loss of sex – This is a big part of an intimate relationship and for whatever reason women all of a sudden lose their sex drive as soon as they are married. Like what happened to the thongs and heels and hour long rough screaming sex?! They act like they have forgotten how to do anything from oral sex to intercourse and they stick firm to it as though they came down with some odd illness that prevents them from remembering how to screw. And then to make things worse they actually turn around and use it as a weapon against us. “Hun if you go mow the lawn and pick up the groceries we can go back to the bedroom.” Dangling the carrot in front of your face just to pull it away at the last second.

There are many people out there who have gotten married and divorced and they keep on looking for the next special someone. Why does everyone look around and say “Is this the line to lose half my shit? Awesome!” and jump in line like someone is giving away a Ferrari. Society has twisted our views and made us believe this is what we are supposed to do, but I ask you, why are we supposed to do it? Well I just gave you ten reasons you shouldn’t, so take THAT society!

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  • Winston says:

    Great points. In addition, the concept of marriage is illogical, unrealistic and unwise. Love cannot be forced or tied down by a mere contract. And one cannot swear an oath to love only one person for the rest of one’s life, anymore than one can swear to like only vanilla ice cream for life. I mean, what if you get tired of your spouse, or love another person, or need the novelty of a new lover, or regret your binding lifetime commitment? What are you going to do then? Society FAILS to take this into account, but instead is eager to enslave you into another routine and commitment, which is its function. Remember that society is there to control and enslave you, not to free you. That’s its job.

    See my essay about why jobs, marriage, children and mortgages take away your freedom and enslave you:

  • Anonymous says:

    Good points!

  • Sex After Marriage says:

    Wow, I must be the only woman out there that is 150% into sex… I have no qualms about giving my guy head, in fact I absolutely LOVE it. If we get married, nothing is gonna change… I just pray for him because even on the pill, my sex drive is through the roof.

    • JayEl says:

       That’s exactly what I was thinking when I was reading this article.  Good for you!  And me! 🙂  Been on the pill for 12 years with my husband, and no baby, so don’t worry about your through-the-roof sex drive.  We have sex all the time, 99% initiated by me.

      • Dog says:

        Ladies, please stop that! You are making the rest  of us with “normal” wives feel like crap!

        • Microphone says:


        • Olbe147 says:

          If you have a wife, feeling like crap is normal.

        • i love life says:

          lol dont be a pussy and man the fuck up dude. get your ass in check and then your life and wife in check. dont whine or cry or bitch about your crappy wife or whatnot. get out and have an EDGE and do something FUN in your life. it’s YOU not HER. your damn life and yourself comes first, not your friggin wife. and good for you mrs high sex drive after marriage 🙂 people lets friggin have FUN!

    • Timwensil says:

      You’re lying and most of the intelligent guys here know it. 

    • Jimcarterm says:

      In marriage sex drive is the least thing to worry about. Marriage is not about sex, it’s about kids. And I don’t like long relationships because they drain me emotionally, and very negative at the end. Woman might feel bad too during the relationship. So my choice is not to have longer than 2 month relationship and then end with being friends. Better than nothing. Women are difficult, so I make them easy by dumping them after 2 months. You made it this difficult so take it.

      • Yeah Yeah says:

        I never thought of the 2-month time limit… I kind of like it, now that I’m 27 with my own business and motorcycles and a cool house and have game developed from all the rejections

        I used to only think shooting for the long-term made sense

        But the long term = marriage/kids = 95%+ chance of HELL

        On the other hand I think I’m a REAL MAN so maybe I can make it work – marriage and kids I mean – by finding the right girl, and NEVER giving up my position as head of the family

        Not on any single issue – what we have for dinner, to what city we live in, to

        Anyway I’m rambling. That’s for later. I like the 2-month idea

        Hot girls can always seem cool as shit for 2 months.

        Long relationships are always negative at the end. It’s so sad and depressing. I wish everything could just stay the same way it starts… exciting, sexual, adventerous, loving, interesting

  • Guest says:

    Have to say this is some brilliant stuff!
    I am 31, I own a house and rental apartment, suv and a sedan.
    I have never been married, dont want to get married, I make a decent living, unfortunately my work gets in the way of me getting a steady gf, but i get my one nighters here and there.
    Marriage is totally for suckers.

    Next year im planning to get a vasectomy, I gotta protect my Assets if you know what i mean.

    • rrts76 says:

      Get a vasectomy I got mine at the age of 24 while i was in the Army. I got two kids and after my divorce. I moved on and lived my life. Currently I’m living with my girlfriend, sex everyday, she cooks all the time and her food taste great. I haven’t been this happily in years. I suggest you never get married at all. Its nothing but a massive scam to trick men into losing everything they worked for. I got married once and that’s it no more.

      • rrts76 says:

        I get to fuck my girlfriend as much as possible. The great thing about it is that I’m not married at all. Marriage doesn’t make you happy at all. It’s making each other happy. Don’t get married trust me it’s a life long headache. Don’t do it

        • A says:

          Dude sex outsidenof marriage is meaningless, as well as a sin. Please quit, and repent. Another thing if your wife didn’t cheat on you or if she did and YOU are the on to have caused her to cheat, then in God’s eyes you are still married, and are cheatig on your lovely wife. I don’t get how people can have meaningless sex. Sex is only good and meaningful if you are married to the persin first with God at the center.

          • gary says:

            Yeah the baby jesus three way is the best

          • WAR EAGLE says:

            oh knock it off with that baptist Bible Shoving BS! Marriage is just BF and GF with a paper stating so, and behind it are two divorce attys’s waiting for the marriage to end sothey can drain your wallet. People like change and marriage is not a human trait. Stay away from marriage and if you do decide to do the stupid thing, get a pre nup which states NO Alimony, no child support and you leave with what you came with. NO joint accounts and no sharing of expenses.

          • brandon says:

            While i agree that marriage is the only acceptable arrangement for a man and woman as far as God is concerned feminism has made it very difficult to do the “right thing”.Women wanted to act ‘like men” now they receive the result.

          • You Can't Be Serious says:

            Hahaha… I already couldn’t stop laughing at this idiocy, but when I got to “persin” I absolutely lost it..

  • Guest says:

    i would like to point out that the bare concept of marriage is completely pointless. it basically forces you to do stuff that you could already do on your own (if you loved each other enough). just the fact that you need a legal document stating that you need to do that stuff is a sign that you shouldn’t do that stuff.

    stuff referring to living together, having kids, sharing bills, ect.

  • Tim says:

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  • Fmywife says:

    Dont get married period.  My wife acted like the perfect woman before we were married.  3 months later totally different person.  She is the rudest person I have ever met.  She is a lazy slob that just sits around the house, eats, watches tv, and leaves me to everything else.  I hoped it was a phase but 9 months later still the same repulsive person.  When I think about her and being stuck with her forever I seriously get sick to my stomach.  She did not end up being the sweet, loving, domisticated woman she presented herself as.  I cant go through divorce for certain reasons.  I am just doomed to a life of regret and misery. 

    • Olbe147 says:

      Divorce, you moron. WTF is wrong with you?

      • Marriage FTL says:

         Did you not read the whole article, If he is living in a western society Divorce will screw him up financially.. Poor bloke might end up homeless… of course u and i dont know his financial situation but I personally knew a person who lost literally everything only thing his wife let him keep was his 1990 ford pickup truck, last I saw him 5 years ago he was living in a trailer park with some woman.
        Poor guy had a house and two cars before that… oh btw he is still paying child support for his two daughters.

      • A says:

        Fmywife don’t divorce her. You know if you do you are still, married in God’s eyes unless she cheated or you cheated and the Other didn’t cause it. You know if you divorce her because she repulses you that scripturally you CANNOT get into another relationship.

        Olbe stop giving people stupid ideas. God hates, I repeat HATES divorce.

    • Matt says:

      U sound totally like me…SO funny …I laughed freely after long time after reading ur post n thinking that im not unique or alone who is f***d up like this…

    • Guest says:

      Sell all properties, put in your own bank account, transfer all money to overseas& stay in overseas ……..leave USA

    • Divorce. Make a plan to divorce her. Start selling your property. Transfer fund to reliable person’s bank account. Leave your country & live overseas.

    • rrts76 says:

      I feel sorry for you, honestly I suggest you get a divorce. Quit your job and get a divorce asap. The faster the better you won’t suffer as much as a guy that’s been married for years. If you have kids it sucks but get a divorce and just pay child support. But first quit your job and the reason will be because you are depress and don’t know what you want to do with your life at all. That’s the same excuse women use all the time why can’t a man. Get a divorce and a few months after the divorce you will start to feel better and can move on with your life.

  • Biscuittree says:

    I like

  • Wasp1x says:

    I’m against marriage too but what do you do when people start saying you’re gay? We can’t always introduce our one nighters and hookers to friends and family. Long term girlfriends always push for marriage. Sometimes we feel sorry for them and start considering marriage. Thats how it happens.

    • dethscul says:

      Please stop and consider the sources hanging the “gay” label on you.  I think you will find most of your friends want you to be stuck in a bad marriage like them.  After all, misery loves company.  You family knows you, an they probably know you’re heterosexual.  They want the best for you, but they don’t see that there’s lots of bad choices out there.  And getting shackled to a bad partner is worse than not being married.  It comes down to this, you and only you can decide who is the right woman for you, wether you get married or not.

      btw – I’m 43, never married.  I had sense enough to walk away from some head cases and psychos, and happier for it.  Gotta give credit to Charlie Sheen for speaking the unspeakable:  “I’m not paying you for sex, I’m paying you to leave.”

    • rrts76 says:

      IF someone start saying you gay then you tell them they are Fucking HOMO for telling you to get married. LoL

      Tell them that they have drank way too much of the marriage KOOL AID and they think marriage is a must for any male in this country. If you are happy being single don’t listen to those faggot motherfuckers that tell you that you are a fag because you aren’t married. Tell them you are happy you have money and you have massive amounts of pussy to eat every other day.

  • marriage lover! says:

    Rubbish! Marriage saves you from many wrong things … Like getting STDs …! Without marriage, we are nothing but animals … Fuck like animals, suck like animals and even die like animals …!

    • Anon says:

      We are just animals, just with a lot of leftover monkey shit.

      • SomeMan says:

        How can marriage save you from STDs??
        Do you think your wifehubby don’t ever cheat on you?
        do you know 50% of the kids are not born from the person they call father? (and you can even assume a good % of cheating don’t bring life to same children so more then -let’s say 70-80% of pepole- is not faitful)
        if i go with a hooker i use a condom, end even if she have pest i don’t catch it,if you go bareback with your wife,well…. you have a really hight % of catching somthing.
        If you don”t trust me ask same doctor.

        An I agree with Anon. WE ARE animals.
        If you ever forget this (but your wife will not ;D ) you will live a miserable life, full of same immaginarie vendicative god, asking yourself for what you live for….. i will tell you for wath you live for: FOR FUCK AROUND LIKE ANIMALS. animals are always free and happy! are you free? are you happy? do you even know the full meaning of this words? the first step is always doubt.
        however a lone life is bad as well…. i think a really interested in me girl would stick with me and do same brats when time, without marry me. becouse what do i have to use my money for? go to thayland when i’m 70?

    • Brandon Green says:

      I am a christian and believe that marriage is only possible these days by couples who look to God for his guidance and assistance, this includes understanding and forgiveness. Otherwise, these days, marriage is nothing but a trap.Especially for any American male or any man in a Western culture.

      • Great Stud says:

         Are you one of the 40% Americans that believe Jesus will come back in their life time?
        They forgot to add the Religious point of view for marriages in this article, millions of people are told to get married in the name of religion or because their religion advises them to procreate.
        now thats “God” damn brainwashing!

        • Brandon Green says:

          If the bible is correct the “RAPTURE” (the gathering together of Thessalonians) will come as a “thief in the night”, no man knowing the the time, nor any “signs” preceding. “Signs of the times”  are during the tribulation period and precede the second part of Christs second coming. If people’s brains were “washed” they would be “clean”!
          Life is harsh and people are hard. The sexes in the U.S. and most of the Western world are at “war”. If am correct there will be more “old maids” (never married females) than there has ever been since the statistics have been kept. The assault on the family in this country has not yet reached it’s peak.    

        • Think logically by yourself. Referencing to religions (all religions) are just lame …….

      • rrts76 says:

        Marriage works in America if the wife and husband are 100% devoted to god, I mean eat, sleep, breath god all day everyday. Then maybe marriage will work out. But if not any america male or any man in a western culture will live to get married and then receive a solid ass raping in divorce court when things don’t work out and since divorce rates are about 60% in america that is a very real possiblities. SORRY but that’s fact

    • uHAVEnoIDEA says:

      Here’s a true story. I’ve been to Central and South America a total of six times before I was married. Had the time of my life with ‘professional’ gorgeous women each time. Had money in my pocket on my return and fun with my friends during the trip. Society made me feel I was living an empty or ‘shallow’ existence………so I dated for 3 years and got married.
      Never cheated on her once. I cook all the time, do the majority of housework and ALL the yardwork. Now when I take trips, this nagging bitch complains about EVERY aspect of every trip. From the plane seating to the restaurant seating. She gives ‘the eye’ to men on the regular (but of course I can’t prove it – especially in court. Not like they give a shit anyways). Plus I notice I return with an empty wallet and her account is barely touched. The only reason I’m still here is for my child’s sanity because I know the courts will award her custody and she will drive the poor boy crazy by time he is ten.

      Keep in mind this is just a TINY bit of what I have been through…..and here’s the kicker : she cheated on me during our first year of marriage resulting in me getting an std (chlamydia). This was my first and ony std I have ever had. Women nowadays feel they have the right to fuck outside of their marriage because it is thought that all men did this in the past when women’s rights weren’t as prevelant. So basically many women have a deep rooted hatred towards men that all the wining and dining, respect and love will NEVER CURE. Its like how many black people hate whites (I’m black btw) because of slavery/racism.


      • Good Point says:

        YOUNG MEN in 2014: ATTN:

        “Women nowadays feel they have the right to fuck outside of their marriage because it is thought that all men did this in the past when women’s rights weren’t as prevelant. So basically many women have a deep rooted hatred towards men that all the wining and dining, respect and love will NEVER CURE.”

        He’s RIGHT.

        The funniest part is these young little sluts (16-24) who have no fucking experience of the world, are completely naive, but took a woman’s study’s course or found Jezebel .com

        They truly believe it’s RIGHT, morally right, for them to fuck over random innocent young men as “revenge” for the supposed offenses of the past against women

        They feel no pity, no sorrow – at least not at this point in their life – I have cut all such girls and women off, as well as the weak and sorry men who want to be in their company

        I have hardened up, but I can still be emotionally wounded. I’m staying permenantly wary of ALL American women and the moment I catch a whiff of feminism, they lose all romantic appeal in my eyes.. in a word, in a phrase, in a breath.. it’s just gone.

  • does it really matter? says:

    I am a 47 year old woman who has never been married.  I am told I am attractive (by both men and women alike).  I am glad I have never married.  I am in a long term (6 years and counting) with a wonderful man that I respect, admire and think is totally hot.  So…..why would I ruin this situation with marriage?  What is the incentive?  It’s not just for guys to avoid.  

    P.S.  I love the advertisements on this site;  you advertise the very think you want to avoid.  What is up with that??

  • Happy:) says:

    Trust me this guy is 100 percent correct on marriage!!!!!!!!ISince my divorce I now live with a Mexican woman that respects me and no drama:) American woman are bad news guys….Trust me my divorce cost me everything.

    • Brandon Green says:

      So many people agree with you these days. American womanhood does not see the tidal wave coming at them.

  • doddie says:

    Whoever wrote this is a very funny guy. I like the humor in this article. Its also true what you write about marriage for the most part. Only that we are not willing to accept it.

    • Brandon Green says:

      Not willing to accept it ? From what’s happening nowadays American womanhood will have no choice. In fact it’s already happening.

  • OldSchool says:

    I am a 45 never married with no kids (that I know of). I think every man should get married once in his life. I do believe that you can find your “soul mate” if you first find yourself but most men go into marriage for the wrong reasons and ignore the “red flags”. The men who find themselves single as they get older and still have a sex drive end up being a loyal customer at the local adult video store or in “love” with some stripper/hoe who is just with them for $$$. -Depressing!

    • Free porn don't use says:

      Hey internet porn is free these days, no need to drive to the video store like a chump

      That being said, and I know of what I speak, it’s probably better for men of any age to avoid the porn as much as possible, or altogether

      If you want to live your best, manliest, most exciting, energetic, and sexual life possible, that is

  • sstnow says:

    I think women of all races are bad news. Just doesn’t have to be American women.
    The laws in this country are so singularly biased towards women that it aint even funny.
    Anyways-been the good devoted husband for 8 long years only to find out one fine day that the ex-wife deciphers that it aint working anymore.
    Long story short-go through the rigors of divorce and paying a ton of cash every month cos I have a flourishing career by God’s kind grace and even then her hunger for more money seems insatiable.
    So decided to treat women like sh** bcos I feel they deserve it…I’m 36 and reasonable to look at and these women love the fact when you treat them like crap.
    I dont answer their calls when they call me-they’re making plans only for me to cancel on them at the last minute and they still seem to be pursuing you….

    • Brandon Green says:


      Fantastic. Women overate themselves and think that they deserve to be treated like a queen. Here is a classic description- I am in my early 50’s but i am muscular and look at least 5-6 years younger. I try not to be mean but  am very aware of what women are about…

  • Twinkle07 says:

    This totally made me laugh cause this is so
    true. I’m a woman btw and I can apply this list to myself as well. Marriage is financially
    crippling and heart-wrenching if your mate turns out to be a jerk.

    • rrts76 says:

      Marriage is a massive scam especially for men. All of my friends that are married are depress and suicidal. They all tell me that if they ever divorce they will never get married again. Why would they say that it’s because marriage is a mirage. Makes you think that you will be happily ever after. That’s complete bullshit men.

    • nood.le says:

      No shit. Divorce is always great for women…

  • Sade says:

    A lot of these points are subjective or vary couple to couple. I’m only commenting to point out one point that is absolutely wrong, and that is that having children is a social construct. No, it’s not. We’re hard wired to have sex in order to reproduce. We’re animals, remember?

  • Kratos1256 says:

    There is absolutely no reason to get married. It can royally screw you over for life. Listen to Tom Leykis and some of the radio callers. The one guy can’t stand his wife, so he went to a divorce attorney and asked the attorney to tell him the worst-case scenario for a divorce. The attorney told him, so he has decided to try sticking with her until she croaks because of how bad divorce would be. If you went to someone with a business proposition that was structured as marriage is, you’d get asked if you were smoking crack that had been laced with cyanide and dipped in mercury.

    If you cheat on her (not recommended), she likely takes your kids and half your stuff (or more sometimes)

    If she cheats on you, she likely can take your kids and half your stuff

    If she decides to stop working, there is not a thing you can do about it

    If she decides to turn into a whale, there is nothing you can do about it

    If she decides to cut you off from sex, there is nothing you can do about it

    If she decides to turn into a witch, there is nothing you can do about it

    If you aren’t married of course, and in particular if you aren’t married and have good finances and keep yourself in decent shape, you can leave any time you want if any of the above happens (if you have kids and are worried about child support, well you’re ALREADY paying child support as you’re supporting the children, so either way, you’ll be paying for them).

    And chances are, if she knows you could go right back out on the market at a moment’s notice (i.e. you’re in shape and have good finances), chances are she will not have allowed any or much of the above to happen for fear of that. With marriage though, she has a loaded gun to point at you.

    Regarding not marrying, if you have concerns over things like hospital visitation rights or medical power of attorney (which I don’t think is necessarilly covered by marriage regarding a partner), you can have all of that taken care of via lawyers without marriage.

    And not getting married does not mean being a person who sleeps with a different person every night. If that’s what you want to do, then fine, but the argument here is not against monogamous relationships, it is against the legal institution of marriage. If you get with one person and fall in love and stay together for many years and it works out fine, great! You’ll know it’s a true relationship because you remained together all those years when you could have separated easily.

    Yes, there are always exceptions, the couple that has been truly happily-married for sixty years, the wife who wants sex twice a day or more and gives blowjobs daily, etc…but they’re called exceptions for a reason. And for the happily-married couples who have been together forever, had they decided never to get married, they’d still be together. The marriage isn’t what’s keeping them together. If it is, then they are not truly happily-married.

    I know one guy who is in his mid-thirties, owns a business, has a nice home he had custom-built, has a Lamborghini and some other nice vehicles. Had two kids with a woman he was in a relationship with. Well she pushed multiple times for him to marry her, but he refused every time. Eventually they broke up, not for his refusing to marry, I think it was just they grew tired of each other was the thing. So they separated and he managed to get custody of his children too. Now had he caved and married her, then now he would be in either one of the following situations:

    1) Stuck in an unhappy marriage with a woman he is no longer attracted to, but afraid to divorce

    2) Divorced, and probably no longer in possession of his business, nice home, Lamborghini, and so forth, and probably not his kids either.

    And considering 1) How many people get married and 2) How many married people are miserable in their marriages, then it is probable that many of your married friends and family will try to make you feel guilty for not having done something that many of them really regret. Just tell them that you do not believe in marriage for the above reasons I’ve written here if they try giving you any crap about it.

    • brandon green says:

      Excellent rant. Sad  to say in today’s environment this is reality.I just got out of a year long relationship where I found out (near the end of course) that with her temperament we would have been divorced.I am 13 years older than her but in shape(especially compared to her). And am more than glad that we are done. She would have taken me to the cleaners.    

      • rrts76 says:

        To the cleaners, you would have gotten a solid ass raping in divorce court my friend. Marriage is for suckers and it’s nothing but a massive scam for men. That’s why you see men cutting their ex wives heads off and burying the body in the woods. The man gets ass raped in divorce court, he loses everything he worked for and since his life is over he decides that there is nothing left to do but to behead the ex wife that took everything he worked for. That’s why the last several years you have been seeing in the news ex husband that have been killings their ex wife. Think about it people the man got a solid ass raping in divorce court and lost everything. Remember once you lose everything you worked for you lose your mind and that’s when the killings and beheading and ex wife disappearing start to happen.

    • rrts76 says:

      you are right marriage is a fucking scam. If anybody is planning on getting married I offer a word of advice. Marry someone that makes as much money as you. Don’t marry someone that makes less than you. Incase of divorce odds are that she will get nothing because she makes as much as you. Its when she never worked or the work she did she earned slave wages thats when you get fucked in divorce court. But to be safe don’t get married in this fucking piece of shit country. USA now stands for United Scams of America.

  • mk1978 says:

    Im a female who doesn’t want marriage n kids, its soooo hard to meet men who dont want children…i would love to meet a man for travel and have lots of sex. I DONT want to get married and FAT and chase ungrateful kids around. I love being fit and looking young. I see my friends who are married with kids they look tired and they lose thier “sex apeal”..

    • fred says:

      If you are independant (ie own job & home) there are no advantages to marriage, only disadvantages unless you marry for the money and intend on taking the other person to the cleaner, one would question why or why bother… Live in your house, enjoy your friends, go out, travel and fuck hard (casual sex can be crazy). Children are fantastic (…well mine are), but if you ain’t got them you dont know better, and the world doesn’t need more people

  • Loretta says:

    This article really is absurd and ridiculous.

  • Fmywife you have 2 and only 2 choices. Either fake your death, (not so easy these days) or run far far away and leave no trace of your whereabouts.

  • boatenglog says:

    We do not believe oral sex is recommended by the Bible.

    • Kyle94 says:

      As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
      so is my beloved among the young men.
      With great delight I sat in his shadow,
      and his fruit was sweet to my taste. (Song of Solomon 2:3 ESV)

      Oh ya, it’s biblical.

  • Angie says:

    Wow you are a miserable dipwad!
    I feel sorry that you think that way about marriage

  • Dallas_Guy says:

    Society had (note the past tense) it right about marriage. It is a good thing. It promotes family units and the healthy perpetuation of the species. Society still encourages marriage (for now), but these days a man would be foolish to get married, particularly in pure no fault states. For decades, too many women have been running around expecting chivalry from us, money, compliments, holding doors, etc., but not willing to give much in return. And if she shacks up with a heroin addict and wants a divorce, you get the privilege of paying for both sides of the divorce in many cases. AND she’ll accuse you of abusing the kids and get the kids and child support in addition to HALF and alimony. Who needs it? We have no control.

    • rrts76 says:

      Marriage in this piece of shit country is a scam. DON”T DO IT you will live to regret your decision> IF the laws were written to say that you don’t get what you didn’t bring into the marriage. People will get married alot more. If you get married and your wife didn’t have a dime to her name you and did. Several years later you get a divorce for whatever reason. She gets half of what she didn’t work for. How is that fair. Turn it around the man shouldn’t get a dime for what he didn’t bring into the marriage. Until the laws are changed to make it fair men in America will not get married at all. Have you seen the marriage rates are dropping like flies, this is the main reason. Man has everything to lose if the marriage doesn’t work out. Since divorce rates are thru the roof odds are that divorce will be around the corner.

  • Dan says:

    I love my girl friend, she is the most amazing person in the world. Maby you guys haveent found found the right person


    ‘v been down that road 3 times and I will not ever go down that road again, Their is so amny women out there I can choose from but not for a wife only for sex and sex it is. was married the first time; sex was non-stop until went away playing Soldier for a few weeks in the U.S.Army; she got lonely and you know the rest; I devorced her, the second marriage was all about getting pregnant…and that didn’t happen so she divorced me after 6 months, At that time I said that I would not get married for at least 10 years…I gotton married 8 years later and that marriage lasted 8 1/2 years. Sex was great and communication as well but then 4 years later I kept hearing excuses for not having sex and the list goes on. I tried everything to save this married and it didn’t work becuause I had no moral support from her so I divorce and life moves on. No more than 3 weeks alter a met a fine women so I thought…like the song says..”Never Trust a Big Butt With a Smle”…she had extra baggage with a attitude like my first wife, I drop her liek a hot potatoe. i can’t believe she actuallhy thought I was going to marry her 2 months after my 3rd and last Divorce. I have friends at work that tell me that I should get married again…I laugh in their face and tell them…Why the f**k I should get married and be miserable for the rest of my life. i would rather live by myself and enjoy life by myself. I also tell them that I get lonely some times and that’s once in a blue moon. I would rather have a Realdoll for a sex object than be be with a women who bitches and complain all the time ans or the type of women who tries to change you amd then those type of wome who play head games with with you when it comes to sex. So will I get married again??? i Don’t fraking think so. I’m more happier today than I was 1 1/2 years ago when I was married.

  • Robert says:

    Up until the last year, my views were twisted all because of society itself, even my parents had me believe I was supposed to get married or even date at a certain age, and have kids, but now I realize, all that is just typical, overrated Western horseshit! I’m a 21 year-old virgin, and I’d rather get with 100 women than even get into a relationship with one, and I had been in a few (short) relationships. It’s fucking amazing how much pressure society puts on you… I don’t care if 1,000 people say sex without love is bad, I’m not listening to any Western bonehead bullshit, ever again. Nothing wrong with living a life as an aromantic heterosexual. At least my parents and a lot of people I know still accept me. 🙂

    • lol says:

      You’re a 21 year old virgin buddy. I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. You don’t even seem like you have much of a choice but to stay single. You talk about getting with 100 women but can’t even get with 1. It appears you are simply trying to find a reason to make yourself feel better about being a 21 year old virgin than anything. lol

      • Nah he got this says:

        Hey now, to me it sounds like something I can kinda relate to – being a young man driven in 180 degrees the WRONG direction by family, society, media..

        By “wrong” I mean leading away from male sexual and life fulfillment, joyous meaningful living and freedom

        I feel bad for this dude Robert, but I think he’s got the right spirit and sounds like he can make a turnaround. The biggest problem is the ongoing bitterness towards my society… it just seems to fester more and more each day, thinking how humiliating it was

        to be the patsy

      • nood.le says:


  • A says:

    Lol, screw marriage, ur write its expensive and never lasts, I’m a girl, who is considering marrying her first boyfriend from ten years ago. Why, because he’s in jail now and he purposed to me so we can have congical visits. I do love him, and the sex is always amazing. I’m not American, I’m European.Sooo if I decide to get married to him is because we both wanna have sex, the wedding wouldn’t cost anything, mmmm getting married because of sex… Probably a bad idea? But if almost all marriages fail, then why not

  • ronit says:

    There is no sane reason for man to marry if girls **** around before marry. All girls are saying they would not marry early unless they feel their menopause is near. There is point in marriage if both couple are like minded and devoted to each other.

  • Steve says:

    Studies have proven what common sense should tell you. Marriage is better for men than women and women are happier single than married.

    Almost all divorces are initiated by women. If the law allows women to get divorced for any reason, then women will divorce for ANY reason.

    Marriage is a bad deal for men when men are afraid to assert themselves for fear of the woman leaving or when men feel inadequate when they can’t ‘make’ the woman happy.

  • GUEST says:


  • A says:

    Okay this is a bunch of rubbish. You sound like a very cynical person. Every relationship has a 50-50 chance. More if you are a christian, out God in the center of your marriage, take divorce off the table unless adultery was committed, and then only use that as a last resort (ie they cheated before, you forgave them and are working through it, but then they turn around a cheat again).

    Another thing read the bible and see what God has to say in the New Testament about marriage. And the whole child(ren) thing you only have as many as God kmows you can support.

  • Guest says:

    Some of the reasons are quite serious…some quite stupid. The article has been writing by a misogyne (and I am a man) and many arguments against men lack…
    Getting married is fine but people tend to forget it is not mandatory, it is OK to be happy while being with someone and not married. Yes, the society, the family, friends, the age and religion pressure you (which makes the case family is not that great and friends are not necessarily great people) but if you don’t get married…I doubt they will whole turn their backs and if they do they make a case that some should not be parents.
    Those who think dating means higher chances to cheat know little…just like those who think cheating while being married will never happen. Actually, because of the pressure to be married, the corruption linked to it (tax break), or the burder to go throught divorce when the spouse is not that bad either increase the chances for cheating.

    • nood.le says:

      No, you’re not a man… only a woman(or a white knight) would defend marriage…
      and saying the author is misogynist makes clear you’re a woman, probably a feminazi…

  • Andy says:

    I think you guys have to man up and face life’s responsabilities, i’ve been reading those post and i tell you guys, trust me, you all sound so stupid, and I’ve heard alot of stupi things in my life, what is that, really? People have to stop trying to make excuses for their own failures, just because you never found the one and only, maybe had a bunch of deception in your love life now you want to bring more losers to agree with your weak point of view… I mean, c’mon guy, you say there’s no point on having kids, really? I wonder you convince the entire world of that, that would be wonderful, maybe hollywood can make a new ‘end of the world’ movie about that.
    The whole point of get married is not a society scam, or whatever you think, it’s just love, that’s all, if you don’t get it it’s because you never loved.
    and for those whom had bad marriage expirience, sorry dude, you married the wrong person…

    • nood.le says:

      Tell that for diverced men…
      also, point out the failure with ‘our weak point of view’ or stfu…

  • Audrey The Provocative says:

    1. I take it by
    “giving children back to their owners,” you mean divorce. Simply put,
    if you treat your partner with respect, your wife would have no reason to divorce
    you unless you were naive enough to pair with a gold digger. In addition, no
    one requires anyone to marry and breed, as people can make their own choices in
    life. The cost of raising children is totalled through their life as babies to
    early adulthood and is also factored in with taking care of yourself and the
    family. Thus, a couple with steady jobs should have no problem raising children
    and themselves. In addition, children can be filed as dependants to lower the
    tax rates. Even the poor can afford raising children with the proper welfare
    benefits. Sure, while some people shouldn’t breed, that doesn’t mean everyone
    (or probably every man in your case) shouldn’t marry.

    2. Merely because
    some people believe they should marry because they reached a certain age
    doesn’t mean no one should get married. Instead of convincing others why they
    shouldn’t marry for this reason, people can easily be encouraged to marry for
    better, more logical reasons.

    3. The majority
    of people don’t marry to become rich, but rather to spend their lifetimes with
    their partner. In addition, your wife doesn’t have to use your money to shop,
    buy groceries, or pay other things if you allow her to work and make her own
    money, set rules and draw lines in a respectful, non-demanding way, and/or
    choose your partners more wisely. If you couldn’t tell she was a money-grubber
    before you said “I do,” then you’re naive and don’t deserve to marry
    until you wise up.

    4. Yet, because
    not everyone is the same, marriage can “complete” someone as a
    person. While it’s definitely true that people can enjoy life single and go on
    countless fun adventures while single, it’s also possible to enjoy those
    adventures with a partner that shares the love that you have for her as well.
    However, anyone that does want to experience that shouldn’t be convinced not to

    5. I notice that
    you tend to discourage marriage due to aspects of it being
    “expensive” often. Notice that not everyone has financial troubles,
    so they shouldn’t be discouraged to marry. Still, marriage doesn’t have to be
    expensive. All that’s required is a religious man and a witness present.
    However, if your wife requires something terribly expensive just to make her
    happy, then you simply choose the wrong partner. If you chose more wisely, you
    would have had a woman that could have been more happy in a more reasonable
    way. Thus, encourage people to earn more money and/or choose better partners
    instead of not marrying.

    6. That’s pretty
    much a classic example of choosing the wrong partner as I mentioned many times.
    If you chose your partner wisely, as in took measures to uncover your wife’s
    personality, intentions, tested her love for you, and married her for reasons
    relevant to her positive personality and intelligence as opposed to her
    (superficial) looks that make her “hot” and a good “trophy”
    wife, you would know whether or not you
    would actually enjoy spending the rest of your life with her. Only someone
    naive and possibly idiotic would say “I do” to a woman that annoys
    him. Thus, instead of discouraging marriage, encourage people to choose their
    partners wisely and not say “I do” to annoying people.

    7. The reason
    divorce is so common is because people so commonly marry unwisely and choose
    the wrong partners. You’re mistaken about the rate regarding divorce. Merely
    because half of the married couples end in divorce doesn’t mean you and your
    partner also have a 50/50 chance of making it work as well. Other people’s
    failed marriages are irrelevant to your own marriage, meaning the chances of
    your own marriage succeeding depends on how wisely you chose your wife and how
    well you two respect each other, not other people’s failures. That’s like saying
    you have a 50/50 chance of failing an exam merely because half the people in
    your class failed it despite you studying well for it. Instead of discouraging
    marriage in this instance, encourage it by having people “study” their
    partners well before saying “I do,” much like my exam analogy.

    8. This article
    seems more “anti-female” than “anti-marriage.”
    Nevertheless, there isn’t supposed to be a notion that women are the
    relationship to begin with. The relationship is the love and the things that
    both parties provide each other while together. Again, if you choose the right
    partner wisely, you wouldn’t have to cater only to her to make her happy.
    Instead of discouraging marriage based on what a false notion that marriage is
    supposed to be, encourage others to uncover logically the true notion through
    their own love and desires.

    9. Making your
    wife happy shouldn’t be hard at all. Simply treat her with respect and don’t
    give her a reason to be unhappy. If the things that supposedly make her happy
    are too demanding for her, again, you chose the wrong partner and should have
    known something was amiss before saying “I do.”

    10. Not every
    woman loses her sex drive soon as she gets married. Many married couples have
    sex quite often. However, during a marriage, sex can become less important
    and/or frequent due to other responsibilities such as raising children and/or
    age. Despite that, if the love for each other truly exists, more reason exists
    to stay together other than the sex. Yet, the claim did always exist not to
    have sex until married to prevent this possible “problem” from
    occurring. Either way, it doesn’t matter. A healthy, frequent sex life can
    exist in a marriage if you chose the right partner. Marriage is about more than
    sex. If anyone fails to understand that, maybe they shouldn’t marry, but that
    doesn’t mean others should be discouraged.

    In conclusion, it doesn’t seem that marriage is the problem, but rather your lack of ability to understand (or possibly even respect) women and/or choose the ones that are
    right for you. You seem to be so caught up in believing that things are too
    expensive to handle and that women are too demanding to make happy when, in
    reality, aspects of marriage are quite financially reasonable and that not all
    women are the same. Marriage is an institution for the wise that people that
    can understand how to get their right partner, and, with all due respect, that
    means marriage isn’t for you at the moment.

    • Brandon says:

      What most of us are saying is that in America (and most Western nations)
      marriage is a “no-go” in general. There are so many “unworthy’ woman
      here that the only relief is to go overseas if that’s possible. The average woman way overrates her attractiveness ,is fat,nasty and has unrealistic
      expectations. They(women) will almost certainly get the children and child support plus in any divorce(which are frequent nowadays). It’s basically institutional “slavery” !

      • Audrey The Provocative says:

        Perhaps you are only speaking from your personal experiences. Please note that personal experiences do not equate to universal truths. Plenty of women exist in America that do not overrate their looks, is fat, and have unrealistic expectations. However, nastiness is purely subjective. In addition, those characteristics are not exclusive to women as men could be the same way and women overseas could be the same way depending on the woman. Simply put, if you truly believe that the “average” American woman is how you described her, then you simply need to search for women in different parts of America. As for being “nasty,” I recommend looking for women that do not correspond to your meaning of nasty, whatever it might be. Anyone capable of finding the woman in question is worthy of marriage. Soon as your improve your ability to find the right women, you would be ready for marriage. Marriage isn’t for men that judge women by negative generalisations.

        • Solitary Man says:

          You seem to be existing in a dreamworld, Audrey. The reality is this: In order to “improve your ability to find the right woman”, as you put it, a man would have to not only be a mind-reader, but also have full access to said woman’s past history. Women are, without a doubt, the greatest actors (and liars) on earth. Women have the uncanny ability to hide their harpy personalities, and appear all sweet and caring, until shortly after the wedding, when it’s too late (for the man), and their true selves start to emerge. “Women typically get the children because men are often the reason divorces occur due to causing problems with the marriage.”, oh really? Once again, Awwwdrey, you’ve been reading too many feminist comic books. My ex-wife wreaked havoc throughout my 16 year marriage, including adultery on two separate occasions (that I know of). During her last adulterous affair, she filed for divorce against me. We lived in a no-fault state. They automatically gave her the children. In fact, the judge didn’t even look at me, much less speak to me. As I moved out of my home, my oldest daughter told my ex to her face that she did not want to live with her, that she wanted to live with me. So don’t give me that bull-crap about “men cause the problems in marriages”. If you want to know the truth about what causes most divorces, talk to the children involved. They’ll tell you who the real culprit is who destroyed their family. Over 70% of divorces are brought on by women, and most of those women were actively cheating on their husbands. If you bother to check, you’ll find that most of the women-initiated divorces occur in no-fault states, where they don’t have to show cause. You know why? Because they don’t have any real cause to divorce their husbands. They have what’s called ‘NCU’ (look it up), and they want to get rid of hubby (after separating him from his assets, of course), so the ‘NC’ can move in. As far as “personal experiences do not equate to universal truths”, you’d better take your head out of your sanctimonious behind and smell the reality. Marriage statistics are at an all-time low, and falling fast. These “personal experiences” are happening to thousands and thousands of men worldwide, and we’re letting the next generation of men, and the generation after that, know what reality smells like.

          • Audrey The Provocative says:

            “You seem to be existing in a dreamworld, Audrey.”

            I am not living in a dream world, Solitary Man; I reside in

            “The reality is this: In order to “improve your
            ability to find the right woman”, as you put it, a man would have to not
            only be a mind-reader, but also have full access to said woman’s past history.”

            No one is required to be a mind-reader to determine if his
            or her partner is the right one for him or her. However, a man should date a
            woman for as long as he must to uncover her personality and her motives. In
            addition, contacting her friends, family, and possible ex-boyfriends could be a
            great way to uncover her personality. Moreover, one ought to take action to
            test her personality. For example, if you fear that you might end up with a
            gold digger, then do not be so quick to open your wallet. If you fear that the
            woman might use you for sex, don’t be so quick to stick your dick in her. Also,
            one shouldn’t be so quick to fall in love merely because the woman might be
            attractive and treat you nicely for a time. Before pairing up and especially before
            saying, “I do,” you just know to know your woman completely. Because
            many people are wise enough to do that, they shouldn’t be discouraged to marry.

            “Women are, without a doubt, the greatest actors (and
            liars) on earth. Women have the uncanny ability to hide their harpy
            personalities, and appear all sweet and caring, until shortly after the
            wedding, when it’s too late (for the man), and their true selves start to

            Not all women have harpy personalities, nor are they liars.
            However, this might apply to the women that you know, but more women exist
            beyond your inner circle, and many are in great marriages. Anyone could be a
            “good liar,” no matter his or her gender. However, generalising women
            with negative characteristics possibly based on personal experiences rather
            than evidence that represents the population of the billions of women in the
            world does not make you desirable. Marriage isn’t for people that generalise entire
            genders negatively. With negative mindsets towards the opposite gender, it
            would be hard for relationships to work. Wise people should be intelligent
            enough to see through deceptive acts before they even take the relationship to
            the next level. People should be encouraged to marry people with positive
            characteristics, regardless of gender.

            “Once again, Awwwdrey, you’ve been reading too many
            feminist comic books. My ex-wife wreaked havoc throughout my 16 year marriage,
            including adultery on two separate occasions (that I know of). During her last
            adulterous affair, she filed for divorce against me. We lived in a no-fault
            state. They automatically gave her the children. In fact, the judge didn’t even
            look at me, much less speak to me. As I moved out of my home, my oldest
            daughter told my ex to her face that she did not want to live with her, that
            she wanted to live with me.”

            By the way, I don’t read any feminist materials, let alone
            comic books. As for your ex-wife causing problems in your relationships, unverifiable
            claims about the falling of your relationship does not count as irrefutable truth.
            For all I know, you could have never been married, so it’s not irrefutable evidence
            on your part. Furthermore, if you’re implying such, or if this is where your
            mindset stems from, all or most women are not bad merely because your ex-wife
            supposedly had undesirable characteristics. That’s your fault for choosing her
            and staying with her for 16 years if true. In addition, people shouldn’t be
            discouraged to marry just because you supposedly underwent a divorce and had
            your kids taken away.

            “So don’t give me that bull-crap about “men cause
            the problems in marriages”.

            However, irrefutable evidence does prove that women often
            file for divorce due to actions of men most of the time, as most of the
            domestic violence (85%) is caused by men in relationships. The Domestic
            Violence Resource Center provides evidence for this claim. In such cases, the
            children living with such a father would be a bad influence on them. The same
            thing has also happened with women that were the same way, but such situations
            are rare. Yet, plenty of marriages exist without problems. For that reason
            alone, people shouldn’t be discouraged to marry.

            “If you want to know the truth about what causes most
            divorces, talk to the children involved. They’ll tell you who the real culprit
            is who destroyed their family. Over 70% of divorces are brought on by women,
            and most of those women were actively cheating on their husbands.”

            Yet, you provided absolutely no evidence that most of the
            women that file for divorce have cheated on their husbands. As well, the fact
            that your ex-wife supposedly cheated on you doesn’t mean that it applies to
            most married women. Worldwide, billions of people exist, as does many marriages
            around the globe. Simply put, no evidence exists proving that “most”
            of those marriages, over 50% but less than 100%, cheated on their husbands.
            Cheating is also nothing exclusive to women, as men constantly cheat in
            relationships too for various reasons as just women might have their reasons.
            It’s because both men and women often fail at finding the right person. Still,
            many men and women don’t cheat, so marriage shouldn’t be discouraged for the
            loyal people.

            “If you bother to check, you’ll find that most of the
            women-initiated divorces occur in no-fault states, where they don’t have to
            show cause. You know why? Because they don’t have any real cause to divorce
            their husbands.”

            No-fault divorce can be done in all 50 states in the United
            States. However, while no-fault divorce does indeed not require one to present
            any wrongdoings for divorce, the parties still must provide grounds for divorce
            such as including incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, and irremediable
            breakdown of the marriage. Apparently, if the grounds of divorce rest upon the
            man in the relationship, he would likely be faced with the burden of alimony or
            not being able to raise his children just as with a normal divorce. Yet, if you
            found the right woman and treated her right, then you wouldn’t have to worry
            about divorce. For that reason, marriage should not be discouraged.

            “As far as “personal experiences do not equate to
            universal truths”, you’d better take your head out of your sanctimonious
            behind and smell the reality.”

            You seem to be upset. There is simply no need to take your
            anger out on me merely because you supposedly had a bad marriage and because I
            am positing an opposing viewpoint and posting the truth.

            “Marriage statistics are at an all-time low, and
            falling fast. These “personal experiences” are happening to thousands
            and thousands of men worldwide, and we’re letting the next generation of men,
            and the generation after that, know what reality smells like.”

            Marriage statistics worldwide are generally unreliable due
            to the differences in which marriages are conducted due to culture and the
            speed at which they end and occur. Yet, if marriage did statistically reach an
            all-time low and is falling fast, then it’s simply because many people are
            choosing the wrong partners or marrying for the wrong reasons. Many people’s
            marriages also don’t fail and perhaps those that constantly undergo divorce can
            take notes from the people in successful relationships.

        • Brandon says:

          While i appreciate the point that you are making i
          must respectively disagree. Most of my experiences are in tune with a broad spectrum of American men and men in Western society in general. I am, as many men on this site are doing,make broad “generalisations” about the actions and character of the Western female. This is a necessity when talking in “general”. No doubt there are “good and worthy” women around but they are mostly to be found in “non western” countries. Treat a woman with respect and one does not have to worry about divorce ? Sad and laughable at the same time.

          • Audrey The Provocative says:

            That’s the problem, however. You have to learn how to specify rather than generalise at times. Doing so could make it easier to find a good woman anywhere, not just beyond the Western world. As for not having to worry about divorce if you treat your woman with respect, it’s not “sad” and “laughable” Brandon; it’s pretty much true if you chose the right woman. The right woman wouldn’t use you for any reason and would have the personality to work out problems instead of divorcing. In addition, if you treat her well by making her happy, not abusing her, and treating her as an equal, she would have no reason to get a divorce. The right woman would also treat you the same way as well. You would know if she was the right woman before you said, “I do.”

  • Larry says:

    credit to bill burr for the joke……………..

  • Anonymous says:

    My ancestors were blinded by the so-called ‘benefits’ of marriage, causing their moral judgment to go blind. I myself agree with all the reasons listed here as well. Some people were not ‘destined’ to mate with another individual of different gender. We all have our own beliefs and opinions on marriage, regardless of our differences in religion. I do not wish to pass down the mistakes of my ancestors to the future generation. That is my reason why I don’t plan on getting married.

  • Phenix Rising says:

    simply awesome. my g/f of oh around 8 years has her parents leaning on both of us but disregard either of our long talked out decision to NOT get married… for various reasons = we’re intelligent adults to lay it on lightly. but every so often i have to reiterate that nobody is going to plan my life for me but me and I’ll get married when I am damn well and ready to – not because they did it (for whatever reason) or because ‘it’s just what people do’, etc. – – – IF ever… because me and my gal do not believe all the force fed fairy tales of TV and bs lies. I am not going to marry her anytime soon and I told her why and she knows exactly where I AM coming from… and she agrees. so why ruin a good relationship or add unneeded financial/emotional/etc. stress to something that’s good. if it ain’t broken ya don’t mess with it and take care of it.

    and stay away from the sluts – which is pretty much every gal out there worth looking at because they are the ones who ruin it with their ‘hey i want to get married if you love me you will and take care of me and pay for everything blahblahblah.. HEY LOOK – OOHHHH SHINEY idiots and then you’re the bad guy when all you were was a loving caring man to a vapid vacuous natural born whore who didn’t ever grow up until her tits and ass couldn’t get her what she wanted any longer – and all this AFTER she dicked the whole college and every man in a club and lied about it even to herself that she’s a pure woman and “worth it”… sure. today’s women aren’t marriage material by FAAAAAR… where is the women of old… like Princess Grace? Now THAT was a real woman… and what men really want in their lives.

    and fuck the thumping bs – worry about YOUR life and quit trying to convert to atone for YOUR sins and guilts. worry about you life, not anybody else’s.

  • Phenix Rising says:

    PS: I’m almost 41 years old and look like I am just getting to my late 20’s and have never had a problem with women – except determining they are all crazy whores and everythig out their mouth is usually just a either fabricated or straight out lie and it doesn’t matter who pays attention to them… married or not… they WILL cheat if they think they can get away with it. BETA FEMALES don’t need to argue to justify their wanna-be Alpha sisterhoods actions – it just doesn’t work that way and no man wants a life long whore unless she’s going to specifically be his whore… only. get it yet sluts?

    PSS: I love women… when they’re sleeping and silent! ” )

  • Baffled says:

    This is a joke, right? And I’m amazed that so many people agree with this article. It’s just some sad shit! I think marriage is completely pointless but the reasons listed here are terrible. Women pay child support, alimony, etc. So many men, like a lot of you commenters, seem to really believe you are superior to women. Or that women are the ones causing all the issues in marriage and relationships. And a lot of women are not gold diggers just looking to get half off some dudes shit; you dipshits are just looking choosing the wrong women. Real women aren’t gold diggers so stop fucking around with fake little girls and find a real woman! And to anyone who believes this ridiculous crap it is obvious that you: A) couldn’t get a woman to want to marry you no matter how hard he tried (mail order brides don’t count) B) got your heart broken and are now acting like a little bitch about it C) is a lonely pussy running scared from women because of your own insecurities. YOU GUYS NEED TO GROW the fuck UP! I don’t care how old you are, if you believe all or even most of the shut on that list, you are nothing more than a little boy trying(and failing) to pretend to be a man.

    • Brandon says:

      @Baffled- Are you out of your mind ? These men are here
      for a reason and it’s not their insecurities. This stuff is all over the net.
      YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO GROW UP ! Their is a movement afoot in this country (and some others) to unseat women from the artifically high place in which they have been elevated and this site is a step in the right direction.

    • Brandon Green says:

      This is not a joke. Why are you amazed ? This has been coming for
      awhile. There is a movement afoot to displace women from the artificially
      high place in which they are at present. Marriage is an institution that no longer is viable for men in western society. It is now considered nothing more than a trap.We need to grow up ? You need to get a grasp on the
      present reality. There’s a revolution coming which women, mangina’s and the government will not be able to stop.

    • Re-baffled says:

      Women pay alimony.. “K”

      Women don’t want half some dude’s shit, but “hey I’ll take it if the law hands it to me”??

      Boys believe in true love love, marriage, women, faith
      Men have had the glass shattered too many times

      The less commitment I offer, the more wild the attractive, sexual women go over me. The more they tell me what a man I am.

      Sorry, you’ve just got your facts wrong, and that is that.

      You sound nervous about something. If I were you, I’d be nervous too.

    • nood.le says:

      That’s familiar…

      “Lets insult men into marrying us. That’ll work!”

    • nood.le says:

      “Women pay child support, alimony, etc.”


      plz come back, we need more humour like this.

  • Willilly Bab says:


    1 – DATING: Date local women; go ahead, have fun, it’s no problem, but don’t let them ever move in with you because if you do then 3 years later she will be entitled to half of your stuff and to Alimony because the courts consider her to be equivalent to married.

    2 – SEX AND PREGNANCY: = Never take risks; ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM, otherwise you will have to support her kids after she leaves you, and that will be a HUGE amount, about half of your after-tax income, and it won’t be reduced if you lose your job, and once you do get a new job the courts will demand you make good on all of the past payments that you missed. Such things are destroying men’s lives these days with high unemployment and frequent layoffs. And if you do find a woman to have sex with, have her sign a ‘Sexual Consent Form’, otherwise there is always the chance that she will have sex with you, then go to the cops and charge you with rape. Women do that really often these days.

    3 – SEX AND VARIETY: Imagine eating nothing but pizza for 10 years? After a while you will HATE PIZZA. Same thing for sex with just one woman – it gets stale real fast. So just date around and when you get bored find someone else. And if you are ugly, or old, or old-AND-ugly (like me), then no women will want you anyways and then you have to visit escorts, which will be your only sexual option. I’ve never done it myself but from what I’ve heard from those who have; once guys start with escorts they find there is no going back, the freedom to enjoy a variety of different women is so liberating that no guy wants to go back to being trapped with just one woman (and eating just pizza for the next 10 years). Yes it is expensive to visit escorts, but when one thinks about how much a guy spends on a wife, and how little sex he gets from a wife (once a month if he’s lucky), visiting escorts once or twice a month is actually a great bargain for the average guy. And all of that is WITHOUT even thinking about alimony.

    4 – LOVE AND INTIMACY: If you want love and devotion, get a pet cat or dog, because most likely a wife will cheat on you and leave you for a guy she met while at a nightclub or bar, that’s what my ex did on me, and 1/4 of the guys I know have similar experiences. Think of women as a temporary thing in your life, because as soon as they get bored with you, or as soon as your income begins to drop a bit, they will be gone in the blink of an eye. Now that’s okay if she’s not living with you and not married to you, but if you are MARRIED then you are so screwed, it’s not funny !

    5 – THE LAW: The law here in North America is so bad on men, it’s beyond belief! After getting divorced I’m finally getting successful in my career and over the next few years I will be raking in the cash BIG-TIME! I wanted to see if there was any prenuptial contracts that could keep my income to myself and not give it to the lady I might marry: NOPE, NO SUCH LUCK ! Once you get married all that you earn is split 50-50. So she gets a free ride. If a guy is earning $500,000 per year his best bet is to have a local girlfriend and simply pay her a few thousand dollars CASH each month so that she can pay her rent on her own SEPARATE PLACE, and buy the things she needs. If she complains that it’s not enough, then put your foot down and tell her she’s free to move on if she wants, and it’s safe for you because she cannot go after you for more money because there’s no proof you were supporting her in any way. If you give to her a cheque (check) each month – that’s big trouble because she can use that paper-trail to show that you were supporting her lifestyle and she can then use our court system to demand and get continued support from you. IT’S LIKE HAVING A PARASITE attached to your body and the family courts won’t allow you to rip that blood sucking parasite off your body !

    6 – LEAVE THE COUNTRY: Many wise men these days have moved and are now living in the Philippines or some other foreign country. That is probably THE ONE BEST THING ANY MAN CAN DO RIGHT NOW. If you absolutely must live with a woman, in the same house, and live life similar to that of being married, And especially if you want to have children with that woman; then your only option for doing so is to leave the country and live with that woman in her country and have your children over there. AND NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT BRINGING HER HERE, otherwise she will change, she will divorce your butt once here in this country, and she will use the laws against you just like any local woman here would too. Women are like that, they follow what the other women around them are doing, so don’t listen to what they say, just understand that you can never bring them here,,,, NEVER!

    For men who want to have children and start a family, there are 2 sensible and logical options open to them now:

    Option A) Get a few pets for companionship, and then buy eggs from one woman and hire a second woman as a surrogate mother to bring the children to birth (that way she cannot claim the children as her own because they are not her eggs.) And you then live your life with only female friends and nothing serious with them, and they never live with you in your house. While that is the only safe option for a single guy living here in this country, it is cold and not very fulfilling.

    Option B) Do like other guys are doing now; move to another country, find a good woman over there, marry her and live with her there in her country, and have children with her there in her country. Good luck trying to even find a job in a foreign country with this bad economy.

  • Ken says:

    They’ve told us since the early 70’s Peak Oil was in 1975. The Bush Romneys have quashed any attempt at renewable energy and launched illegal wars to control whats left. I will not bring children into a world with an energy difficant future as we see in the tv show Revolution

  • nikky says:

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