Facebook is The New Cause of Divorce

by admin on June 24, 2011
Can Social media and Facebook casue divorce?

Reports of Facebook creating serious controversy within marriages have been rising recently.

Some of the nation’s top divorce lawyers were surveyed and when the results came back the news was astonishing. These lawyers were seeing more of their clients enter the courtroom with evidence all from Facebook.

Divorce attorney Mary Cay Trace was quoted for saying “More and more I have clients coming in and I say,What are you here today?‘ And they say, ‘Facebook.’ You can now search beyond your neighbors and your co-workers if you’re trying to find somebody to replace what you think is missing in your marriage.”

In one report a wife with 2 children shared some touching love letters that had been posted back and forth between her husband of 13 years and her husband’s old girlfriend from school. Shortly after that the wife’s husband and the old school girlfriend ended their marriages, which both involved children.

Joyce Evans, a reporter for Fox 29, said “It’s not always the betrayed spouse who stumbles across the Internet evidence. Even worse, it’s friends, neighbors and sometimes the children who bust their parent.

Using a platform like Facebook to find an old flame and ruin your marriage is ridiculous. Both of these marriages involved children, which mean one day the kids are going to hear the story of how and why their parents broke up.

What kind of story is that? A terrible one. If things don’t work out in a relationship because the two people have different interests or have simply grown apart that’s one thing. To actively search Facebook for something that might make you feel young again for a moment is awful.

As lame as the whole Facebook movement is you can’t blame the platform for the way people use it. Unfortunately it could be and has proven to be a wonderful place to reconnect with old friends but it’s also been a place that has ruined marriages and relationships.

6 Responses to “Facebook is The New Cause of Divorce
  • Anonymous says:

    If this happens, it was going to happen anyway.Alot of times I’ve seen how women used their womanly charms to control their man/husband/boyfriend. But when the man gets strong and goes out and finds another woman, all bets are off. the best antidote for a woman is another woman! 

  • pimpaslappa says:

    I got into an argument with some douche on facebook. Out of the blue my friend’s fiance steps in and tells us to cool it. So I send the douche a nasty private message and block him. All of a sudden my friend says his fiance is giving him crap for being friends with me and references the contents of my private message. So I say — this douche gets this message from me and COMPLAINS TO YOUR FIANCE ABOUT IT??? My poor friend is just like, yeah, I’m sorry, I know it sucks but can you just cool it? Not five minutes later I get a profanity filled tirade from the fiance. Guys watch out! A lot of these chicks have no shame, they think being engaged gives them complete license to read your personal emails and private messages and to control who your friends are based simply on disagreeing with them about certain issues. The hell of it is, I know my friend is a super nice, super passive guy, and this chick seems like the bossy raging c-nt from hell. I KNOW she’s going to take over and ruin his life once they actually get married, but I think he feels he can’t do better. He totally can do better, but how the heck do I tell him something like that?

  • Facebook is an unmitigated disaster for every reason and on every level. It is mainly for women, men should not even be there. See my avatar.

  • why bother says:

    I am a reluctant user of Facebook and use it because that is my only aw of communicating with some relatives who hate email. But the problem is not Facebook. The problem is marriage itself. Don’t marry.