Types of Women you Should NEVER Marry

by admin on July 15, 2011
Types of women you should not marry

Does the title sound a bit odd to you? Well, believe it because there are definitely types of women out there you should never, ever, EVER marry. They will most likely ruin your life and your perception of women forever. Now this doesn’t mean you should carry a checklist around with you (unless you’re very stealthy) or believe all women will be terrible to you, but be cautious.

The first and probably most common type of woman you should never marry is the ever popular “Gold Digger.” You can spot this money grubber a mile away, but in case you have been fooled before, here are a few tips to know If she’s digging for gold.

• Does she seem to make everything about money?
• Does she always seem to light up when something expensive is in front of her?
• Does she ask a lot about how much money you make?
• Does she find herself worth in the most expensive shoes, clothes, food etc?

If any of those were answered yes, then you’ve got a gold digger on your hands and you should put your wallet away before she scans your credit cards.

The second well known type of woman you should never marry would be the “Overly Feminine Feminist.” These are the woman power men hating non-shaving ladies you’ve probably seen protesting women’s rights all around the country.

Now before a million women get all up in arms and decide to make a men hating rally about this, you should know that feminism is NOT bad, but it does have its limits.

If a woman gets mad because you open a door for her or pull out a chair at a nice restaurant because “she can do it herself” then, well, let that door smack her in the face a couple times while you’re NOT holding it open for her and see how she feels about that.

If you were to marry a woman like this your life would end up a living hell. Everything you did would be criticized and somehow related to oppressing women. You will be simply miserable, so if you find a feminist that’s just TOO into the woman’s movement, just walk away my friend. Just walk away.

The third type of woman you should definitely never marry is the “Overly Sensitive.” We all know women are more sensitive than men and for the most part we enjoy that, but if every little thing becomes some kind of fight because you hurt her feelings, then you’re going to have to walk on egg shells forever.

We enjoy comforting women when they ACTUALLY need it, however if every single time you “seem to have a tone in your voice” she bursts into tears and runs into the bedroom a mess, we honestly don’t care anymore.

This type of woman will seem great at first because she will need you and want you around a lot and really be into you. That’s all fine and dandy until she’s cries more than a 40 year old redneck on his second case of beer.

There are good women out there so keep your eyes open, but stay weary.

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  • I’m a masculist and this article is garbage. Learn to make real points and stop polluting the Internet with this drivel.

    • Ukpolemic says:

      You could always just read something else

    • Tino6d45 says:

      I love this site, I usually comeback to this site after few months for a reality check once in a while especially when society starts “polluting” my head with marriage and wedding garbage.

      I wonder if you will feel the sameway when ur wife decides to leave you and u have nothing to fall back on.

      Good luck bro, and may sanity prevail.

  • Griff says:

    Dude you touched right on the money with this statement : “• Does she always seem to light up when something expensive is in front of her?” I can vouch for that look 😀

    I am not “That” rich, i mean i would consider my self to be in upper/middle class, but anyway I dated this chick for like 2 years, I use to buy her expensive stuff.. necklaces, bracelets, hell I paid for her trip to Melbourne, Australia so she could watch her “Cousin” not even her bro get married… keep in mind I was her Bf at the time not her hubby lol..
    So anyway I decided to ease things up financially a bit and find out what kinda vibe i would get, cause i really wanted to get serious and possibly make the next step.

    Oh man did i get silent treatments at times, sex kinda disappeared(not entirely but enough to notice).. so I decided to dump her on her next Bday , i know that sounds mean but I bought her a going away present, a $550 diamond bracelet.. and I KID you not .. that “Look” was back. LMAO.

    • Hollydawn07 says:

      OMG!! That’s mental. When I hear stuff like this it’s makes me realize that I’m too nice for my own good. I so wish that I could be more like other women because I don’t think for one second that most men would appreciate a genuine gf with gold digging ways. Clearly I’m doing something wrong 🙁

      • Reddragon says:

        Hell yea .. hold your head high, I’d show her up for 500bucks .. jeesuz .. thats a one nighter with descent entertainment, who cares , a few hours work .. a LOT less that you’d loose over time .. Hope you find that true love .. as its unbeatable .. but jeesuz .. respect comes first .. care for $ comes last .. for me .. sex me PROPERLY .. and all control, everything is yours .. (ps .. melb is a shithole)

      • TypicalMaam says:

        I bet you are not married yet, then you will finally show ur true colors and ruin some poor saps life for good.. alimony, child support, controlling etc etc ..

    • LoveForeignWomen says:

      You are are one smart dude. You made the best decision to kick that bitch to the curb.

  • PhooPhooGoodkitty says:

    man o man , nuthin’ like goooooooood grammer to really ‘logic’ up an article.

    • Da Professor says:

      If you cannot correctly spell grammar then u have no fucking business commenting on anyone else’s…

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        That’s rich, coming from someone who writes “u”  instead of actually spelling out the word “you.” 

        • Keith says:

          The bottom line here guys, is that most foreign women are mature grounded women who do not have all these issues to think about. Their minds are not polluted and confused with all kinds of equality issues and feminism swirling around in their heads. They aren’t surrounded by girlfriends telling them to dump their husbands and steal all his stuff or urging her to stop giving him sex or doing things for him like cooking dinner. Caring for a husband is a hardwired natural instinct and you cant rid yourself of that. American women try very hard to rid themselves of it and as a consequence become very angry and hateful. 
            Most foreign women embrace woman hood and the God given roles designed for men and women. Therefore, put a laminated note in your wallet or pocket that you can pull out and read whenever you feel yourself being attracted to an American woman that says, “avoid American women like the plague or you will live a life of hell on earth” Then add ” review nomarriage.com”

  • Landutry says:

    I had one that cried all the time about a parent that died ….. 25 years ago!!!!  Freak.  I ran to exit fast.  Serious mental issues.

  • Lucky Singh says:

    u r very right in identifying these category of girls
     Gold diggers wives are really very dangerous knives. They could drain a lot of finances. All Man who marry these kind of women are absolutely wrong in their approach that they can find love in her. Believe me, “non money demanding and richer than husband” wives also love their husband, and they also had all the material a man needs, and they are also great lover in bed.
    Similarly these “Abnormally weeper girl” are also foolish. In today’s world and for tough future time to come, all men need a support in some time in their life. ( be it emotional or financial or otherwise), but these super weeping or girlish girls are just dumb to support their husbands in any way. Marrying such women will end up in an everlasting mess of just wiping their crocodile tears and keep on efforting to make them happy and smiling.Similarly these “women supporter” or “a girl who knows all women related laws and knows how to use it” is also a dangerous girl. She will just make her husband’s life miserable either on a regular basis or one day in future.

    Any man, who has parent’s/family and some money in pocket, should first think before marrying such girls, else he will end up just spending money and buying tension for himself and his parent/family.

  • bugged says:

    This article is basically a cluttered list of steryotypes focusing on depicting women negatively. If you were really interested in a woman, you shouldn’t take this into consideration at all! Isn’t it about love? If you really liked a girl who was pretty much all of these things combined, you probably wouldn’t even care.

    • guest says:

      Actually, a MAN would. A feminized sissy who has been pussy whipped wouldn’t

      • Brad says:

        Couldn’t have said it better.  “Bugged” is hopelessly indoctrinated and probably typed his post with his knees together in between his household chores.

    • kitsinu says:

      It is about love.  If she loves money, her personal views or is so self absorbed that she can’t deal with life’s normal pressures without constant support (exceptional situations are exceptional situations), then she loves herself more than she does you.  You shouldn’t get between that woman and her true love, that being herself.

    • Hollydawn07 says:

      That’s so nice :). Although I don’t think gold diggers will find real love

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        Men who attract golddiggers generally bring it upon themselves. They don’t want a real wife, they want to buy one…and they get what they pay for.

        • LoveForeignWomen says:

          And with you the man probably gets nothing but a cleaned out bank account. ha ha, nice try la de dah, but your handle really does reveal what you are………..useless.

  • MIKE says:

    This article is all true..! I don’t believe there’s any good wife material in the US at all. Women here are fucked up in their heart and brain. None of them worth to marry. They are abusive in many ways and this article tells about three of them. Women in this country have NO respect and sincere love towards men and family. They all have mental or drama issues and they all blame men for every fucking thing comes to their life. And they do it openly.. What a fucked up society is that???? As a man go and try to blame women and see what happens. Everyone is going to attack you… I’m not a religious person but there’s a VALID reason why all the religions on this planet are talking about how women are close to evil. And there’s a reason why it’s Eve who attracted to the evil and power and fucked up Adam’s life in Genesis. You don’t have to believe in God or be a religious to read this part of Genesis and try to see why this story is the way it is… Think about this a moment… If you would like to fix this society you need to fix the women and bring back the family values. 

    • Guest says:

       I don’t believe there are any good American men left. You’re one example.

      • Mike says:

        STFU, you igornant beeyitch.    Spend one month in a muslim country.  Then, when you get back, after you kiss the airport tarmac, you can apologize to first 100 American men you see for being such a c–t your entire adult life.

        • Another Quest says:

          Excuse me try and be more polite – I know this is more of  a mens article but just a thought, maybe not all women like the Feminist movement…not all aspects of it have done women a favour! Men no longer hold doors open for us, they expect us to be just as strong and also now we are expected to Keep house, Raise Children, Work at least part time and be a wife all in one…Just like the Feminist movement has put all men into one box, do try and not do the same to women! Peace!

          • Damage has been done, but at least I have the decency not to act like Norman Bates–pussy-whipped mama’s boy who takes out his mommy issues on other women.

        • La-Dee-Dah says:

          Mike… Is that how you talk around your mother? your sister?   If you had a daughter would you want some guy talking to her like that?

      • kitsinu says:

        Proclaiming there are no good American men remaining is as extremist as you seem to think he has become.  Until you overcome your own bitterness, no one, male or female, should risk you.

      • Bikini Bottom Feeder says:

         I find American men boring. I’ve dated one African man before. It was amazing. He was pretty romantic, the sex was…very generous to say the least and I really respected him. We broke up as our lives began changing. I know that not ALL African men are this way, but it’s a good example as to how American men are lacking, and then blame American women for being salty and bitter.

        • Keith says:

          Then go black. you deserve it. Your a typical American woman. It’s all about YOU and your happiness your desires and your pleasure. Thats your focus and concern. The black guy is in it for the sex with a white chick. They are pro’s in the art of deception. They have to be to make it in life and I have known plenty of them.  Also, make sure to be up front with any white guy you date and tell them youve dated black guys and had sex with them. 99% of them will then have no interest in you what so ever, but DO tell them up front on your first date. It’s not fare to them for you to hide it. You say American men are lacking. Thats exactly what millions of men are saying about American women and flocking to other countries for wives. No men from other countries come to America looking for a wife. The reputation is now world wide that American women are a very poor choice.  

          • dennis says:

            That part about African men being pros in the art of deception… I find it a very offensive generalization to make. Sort out your issues and do NOT bring race into it PLEASE!

        • La-Dee-Dah says:

          Heartily concur. I dated an African man…and yes, he was definitely precious 🙂

          • Keith says:

            La-Dee-Dah I wouldnt touch you with a ten foot pole after that. It’s gross and disgusting! Ive had a couple of white girls tell me that no good and decent white girl would ever be with a black man. I agree. Most white guys are disgusted by it. 

          • Arvi says:

            I’m not white or black, but I wonder what the reason could be. Is it some sort of complex white people have with size? If a black man is respectful and classy and brought up in a decent manner, there should be no reason why you should find this disgusting. You clearly have issues to work with. If on the other hand, she had dated a “gangsta”, I’d probably sympathize more with you.

          • Guest says:

            Black men are not “bigger”. I’ve seen big penises and small penises on both white and black men, (sadly) you can’t tell by the color of the skin.

          • BlacksheepTony says:

            Someones jealous

    • kitsinu says:

      Dom’t claim there aren’t any women who are “good wife material in the US”.  That simply isn’t true.  Instead say the odds are too low or that the risk is too great to take in marrying a woman likely to divorce you and claim your earnings for less than a year of marriage.

      • Reverend Frank says:

        I am a minister who performs weddings and he is right. There isn’t a single woman getting married by myself in the last 10 years that I would say actually shows her future husband the respect she demands for herself.

    • La-Dee-Dah says:

      Mike, maybe the real problem is that you are a woman hater. All that garbage you’re spewing, I’d be surprised if you can even get a date let alone a girlfriend1 Also if you wanna talk religion, maybe you should consider this: How did the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ the God the Son, come to earth? By way of a WOMAN…yes, the Theotokos and ever Virgin Mary!

    • andre says:

      i agree with bringing back the family values part which is a shared responsibility, not only women’s. from my multi cultural background, i would say that american women are the most interesting of all women to befriend, and perhaps marry (i still have to try). you just need the energy to entertain her which is a positive thing, as you should keep striving. it suits my personality. thing is that you have to find a contract that protects you in case of divorce, like a predetermined specified compensation. so sad for the loss of love.

      • Keith says:

        Andre, are you nuts? I mean you admitted that the man must entertain the American woman to keep her happy. It’s true and the American woman expects the man to entertain her. You dont entertain her,spend all your money on her and make her life wonderful,she hates you, steels all your valuables,makes false allegations against you and divorces you. There is no concept in her mind that she has the responsibility to take care of YOUR needs also. American women hate that and reject it. Save yourself heart break,grief,legal problems and financial destruction, Stay away from American women.

        • Ashfaq says:

          And it is no longer just an american women problem… this thing has gone world wide, where ever capitalist consumer culture touches, it takes the women with them… turning them into these cash cows where men are used to keep filling up the cash cow (the women) who then go spend it on useless things to make big business richer and richer… it’s nothing personal i guess, just dollars and cents … feminism is just one huge farce to make money out of women, and women were chosen because its easy to make money off them… so as men we better wake up to this.

      • Indiana John says:

        you’re nucking futs!

    • John says:

      marry a mormon girl 🙂

    • Dean G. says:

      Mike, why waste precious personal and familial resources in an inevitably futile attempt to “fix” society? To wit:

      “It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards.”
      – Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

      • Keith says:

        Thats what I fully intend on doing. I’m moving to the Ukraine. I have other American male friends who have moved there. They are married to beautiful Ukrainian wives who are very kind,loving,caring,feminine and know how to please their man. They enjoy pleasing their man. American women dont. They resent it. They think marriage is for the purposes of making the woman happy. NOOO honey, marriage is about taking of EACH OTHER and the American woman simply doesnt want to and resents it. Thats why hundreds of thousands of American men are flocking to other countries for women. They are rejecting American women. GREAT! I love it and I support and encourage this huge movement to continue and grow. Feminism has backfired in the face of American women. Men, do not give American women the time of day. Reject them completely.

  • Bob says:

    One more type to avoid – those with a family history of mental illness like bipolar, depression, anxiety.

  • John says:

    feminism is NOT a good thing.  stop kissing feminist ass

  • Sarot says:

    If anything this guy is too soft on feminist women.  you ought to read the SCUM (society for Cutting Up Men) manifesto by Valerie Solanas. (Radical Feminist) She is a deranged evil woman- who wrote how she  wanted to turn men into slaves- those that women could control.  The rest were to be locked up in jail or put in concentration camps and then exterminated like the Nazi’s killed the Jews.  Does that sound like a mentally stable person to you?  Someone you should avoid?  She wrote this horrific paper in 1967 and took it to Andy Warhol to try to get him to publish it.  As you know Andy Warhol was a gay man.  When Warhol didn’t respond to her request to have her paper published and didn’ turn it back into her right away she went to his office during office hours- confronted him and pulled out a gun to kill him.  Luckily he didn’t die.  she only got 3 years in jail for attempted murder.  Andy Warhol, being gay, was no threat to her or any woman- why would even a gay man be considered a danger to a feminist?  According to the nut job feminist women any man- gay or straight- are part of the patriarchal society that has “enslaved” women so every man is fair game to their nefarious plans.  This would only be a sick joke if it were just one or two nut jobs- but unfortunately there are more and more of these wackos out there.  Radical Feminists are getting together to put pressure on the legislatures to pass more draconian laws to make men’s live harder.  They are now trying to redefine rape as being anything she says it is.  Men are guilty before proven innocent.  This is Marxist communist dictatorial rule that is coming about because of the hatred of these deranged women.

    I would say even being friends with such women is dangerous to your health. 

  • john558 says:

    Agree Feminism is completely wrong. Women wan’t there cake and want to eat it too. Equality is a joke, its nothing more than a catch phrase to give a sexist biased against men when women already have the same rights and want an unfair advantage.

    • Anil says:

      At Lost American Men are getting realized that feminism is nothing but a bullshit, and feminists only want to target men to benefit women.

  • Trousermonster69 says:

    feminism is the cancer of today’s society. im am very certain it wont last as feminism started dying in the early 2000’s. people cant force change in our natural gender-based social statuses and for that reason, the newer generations(including mine) accept if less and less.

    no matter what, nature will always find a way to restore balance

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m married to the overly sensitive type. she’s completely disorganized to the point that, just moments ago I accused her of being as such. but then she starts in how she ran away from home because of the criticism. So i retorted, you spend you life running from problems, come back and think the problem is gone.it doesn’t work that way. I’m planning my way out.

  • Joe says:

    I live in Angeles City, Philippines, with 1000s of other expat men who have discovered the goodness of Asian women.   Google us.   Find a sponsor.   Have a monthly income of at least $1500.  Age doesn’t matter.   And I guarantee you happiness for the rest of your life.   For any veterans reading this, we have the only VA clinic outside the USA and treatment is FREE.
    Good luck, and good life.  Don’t let western women mess up your mind for another day.

    • Keith says:

      exactly!!!   The real message here is NEVER EVER EVER marry an American woman!! No marriage is even smarter, but if you must, do NOT marry an American woman. Do you see men from other countries searching for American women for marriage? HELL NO!!! ZERO! They are the most undesirable women and make the worst choice for wives. American men are flocking to other countries by the thousands for wives. Theres a very good reason for it. American women will try and argue against it. Ignore this! Do NOT marry an American woman. You will regret it and your life will be destroyed.

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        The people who insist on not marrying an American woman say that because they don’t want a genuine marriage of equals. They want a master/slave power/over relationship. Well, good luck with all those foreign women who will marry for a green card and then dump you when they get it.

        • RedDragon says:

           They want the basics of equailty, western woman have tipped the scales too far in their directection, hence the hunt for a level playing field

        • keith says:

          This is a typical statement made by an American woman. They always say, oh, you just want a maid or a slave. They also say the women will leave you the moment they get the green card. If your a 40 or 50 something beer bellied balding dude that offers some young 22 year old tons of money to get married and come to America,then yah, of course they will leave you. That’s just stupid when guys do that. I’m looking for one my own age. Anyway, American women are jealous that men are rejecting them now and going for foreign women. They also do not accept or respect different cultures. Many other cultures actually place family values and marriage at the top of their list. They ENJOY caring for their husband. American women hate it and resent it and resent other women for caring about their husbands. I just spent 70 days in Ukraine and will go back as soon as possible. There are a ton of American guys there looking for wives. It’s funny because this topic comes up with women and they laugh and say yah, we know about all the problems with American women’s attitude and they don’t make good wives. They say yah, we know we are much better than American women,we make very good loving wife for the American man. So all you American women dont worry, there are plenty of black dudes who will take you.

        • Mr. Danish says:

          Really Veritas? I am European have been to the states a couble of times. I have never seen so fat, sloppy, tattoed woman, than in america. And besides that many of the women I met when I hit the bar scene, had a lousy attitude. American woman should take a look at scandinavian women, they dont come much in sizes like 130-150 kilos. Jezzz it was normal in USA. Get your act togeather stop be fat, lazy slobs. I fully understand the guys here. No it is not they who are wrong it is the american woman who has transformed herself to a junkfood eating, alimony craving, lazy, sorry excuse of womanhood.

  • kitsinu says:

    weary = tired
    wary = cautious

  • soup says:

    Holy smoke.  What a wild ride for the last 10 years.  Wife is filing for divorce and I have been the fool in trying to prevent it for my wife and 3 kids.  Marriage is nothing but ups and downs.  Good and bad?  Vows no longer apply.  Emotions are the key player in any marriage.  Men have to kneel down to the evil one in order to have a quality marriage.  Money and lifestyle is another issue as well.  It is truly unfortunate to have a wife that decides on divorce when things get really tough instead of building a relationship through tough times in order to build character.  I am angry due to the irreparable damage that this will do to my little girls.  What a waste of time and above all just a joke.  Wife brings strife in many marriages.  Lack of understanding of their man is big.  Treat a man like a man with respect and dignity and the outcome will be better than a decade of time wasted.  

  • The Amazing Grace says:

    I (a woman) dated a woman who was similar to the feminist type. It was hell sometimes. She used to call me overly sensitive and I thought, maybe she was right. I mean, her being mean wasn’t that bad until she began throwing me up against doors and walls, threatening to choke me. It turned me off of women (mostly due to fear of getting beat/hurt like that again) and I now mostly date men.

    There are shady women out there. I (as a woman myself) don’t really trust women. I once dated a woman who tried to convince me to buy her a super expensive phone. She thought sex = $$$. I’m a girly girl at times myself and like nice stuff but I’m not stupid.

  • Zqlq12 says:

    I would have to say by FAR most American women you should never marry! There are still a few around that make good wifes. My first wife (American) completely horrible. Basically insane.
    I got remarried to an American woman 3 years ago and she is awesome. Happy with whatever I do. We bought a new car and got the one I wanted not the one she did and she told me i’m the best because I bought an automattic so she could drive it. My first wife no matter what I did it was wrong. My current wife no matter what I do its right and she has my back no matter what. Never thought it would be possible to find in an American woman!!! She’s hot also!!!

  • Twinkle07 says:

    You forgot another type: the entitled one…the biggest b you ever seen. She expects you to do everything and complain/nag/blame you to death without lifting a finger herself. 

  • LastMan says:

    NEVER DATE/MARRY an AMERICAN WOMAN! They aren’t raised to be wives or partners anymore. Women complained they wanted a partner. One of the reasons for relationships is to help each other with the burdens of life. American men listened and we taught ourselves to be a helpful partner. Women complained for years for help to raise the children. We listened and taught ourselves to be awesome dads and present day man is a better parent than woman. The only thing Men have asked for is the best blowjob in the world and American women refuse. We are simple creatures. Good food, good drink, good sex and you can’t even get that right. American women have reverted back to the oldest profession in human history…and you all know what that is.

    • Keith says:

      EXACTLY!!!! Well said! Not much I can even add to it really, except that we need to teach our fellow men and the younger ones about the HELL they will have come down on them by their wife and then later the family law court! Following that will be the pain they experience when the ex WITCH doesnt let them see their children.

  • TheRock says:

    You missed one major type: Borderlines / Bipolars. I mention these together because one is often mistaken for the other. They represent about 5% of women, and 100% chance of a failed marraige.

  • Diggs says:

    I think the last word should be “wary”, not “weary”.

  • LoveForeignWomen says:

    American women are like unions, they demand more but always manage to give less. Do your self a favor, stay the hell away from the American Wench IF you want to maintain your sanity.

    • Keith says:

      Exactly right! American women are good for nothing basically. They sometimes put on a good act at first then their true self comes out and they turn into a nightmare from hell. I’m going foreign. I would rather have no woman for the rest of my life than an American. Been there done that!

  • Globetrekker says:

    Not all foreign women are perfect. I used to live in Prague. Czech women are gorgeous, but it is not uncommon for them, as well as the men, to cheat on their partners. My former Czech friend is marrying an American guy so that she can stay in the U.S, but he does not know this. I am an American woman who is nothing like the American women that you are describing. However, because I am nice, I have been taken advantage of by American men who turn around and get involved with drama queens. What I am saying is that whether or not a woman is good or bad depends upon the woman–not her nationality.

    • Nunya says:

      And you don’t feel the least bit guilty for not giving this guy a heads up of any kind that he is about to be taken to the cleaners? Doesn’t sound very “nice” to me.

      • Globetrekker says:

        If you re-read my original post, you’ll see that I stated that she was a “former” friend. As a result, I have no contact with her. Even if I still remained in contact with her, there’s no guarantee that the guy would listen to me anyway. As Percy Sledge’s song so truthfully stated: “When a man loves a woman, loving eyes can never see. If she is bad, he can’t see it, she can do no wrong. Turn his back on his best friend if he puts her down. If she played him for a fool, he’s the last one to know. Lovin’ eyes can’t ever see….”

        • KEITH841 says:

          Well Globetrekker,

          I guess your one in a million then! I do disagree about the nationality comment though. Nationality has a huge role in a womans attitude. It’s the culture in America now in the minds of women that they are above men. That they are more important than men and that they run the house,the marriage,family,finances and do nothing wrong. They believe nothing is wrong with them, but that the husband has ALOT wrong with him and needs to change. If the husband does not change his personality and his life according to how the wife says he should she becomes VERY angry and dissatisfied with the husband. She will then cheat on him,steal all his stuff, clear the bank accounts, charge up the credit cards and make all kinds of false accusations about him to family,friends and the court when she files for divorce.

          MOST, but not all, foreign women, are taught as they grow up a completely different set of morals and views about marriage and family. They do not think that marriage is all about THEIR happiness and not the mans. They actually embrace being a woman, a wife, the weaker sex , feminine, the man being the head of household and doing what ever is necessary to keep the family and marriage together. Thats just the tip of the ice burg of the differences of foreign women. American women are now catching on to the fact that American men are fleeing away from them and going for foreign women and they dont like it. They are offended or jealous or what ever, but it’s their own damn fault. I will NEVER get involved with an American woman again. As a matter of fact in 24 hours I will be on a plane headed to Ukraine. I’m packed and ready to go and really looking forward to this trip!

  • Mendoza says:

    You should also never marry a woman with kids. You’re going to get hooked into paying for another man’s abandoned whelps!

  • doughty john says:

    What do I want??

    1.Scrap all the existing divorce or 50-50 laws & alimony:

    {{Oops,this looks like I am asking too much…this should be sending feminists pissing in their pants}}

    * If a man files divorce becoz the woman refuses to listen to the man,refuses to understand his view point, does everything opposite or contrary to what he says or shows scant respect for his thinking & well being, then he has every right to kick the bitch out without paying a dime……

    The state should NOT try to rescue or bail her out…….

    * If a man files divorce, even when the woman is loyal, faithful& does everything to please the man,then the case might be closed by paying appropriate monthly or annually alimony amount to the woman…..

    But seldom will a man try to divorce such a woman & even if he has a one night stand up or extra marital affair, it would be preposterous or foolish on his part to give up such a woman…………

    The woman does not have the right to claim anything else.

    I say fuck with the 50-50 property division,bank accounts etc……I say fuck with 50-50 mutual respect becoz most of the time, woman rarely bring 50-50 to the table……

    *If a woman files divorce, as is the case most of the time,

    becoz she is unhappy with the man or the man is unable to fulfill her needs & wants, then she can break her relationship without claiming anything from man & fending for herself by making her own source of income……

    The man is NOT obligated to bail her out, since he had NOT filed for divorce….simple as that.

    2.Scrap all the existing DV laws:

    The laws states….. the manipulated version…..it is all right for a woman to become violent against man but it is not acceptable for a man to defend himself from such type of woman.

    Thus it is okay or acceptable for a woman to tease, taunt,

    scold,chide,heap malice & scorn,spite & emasculate,pass caustic & sarcastic remarks,abuse verbally & if that does not work….. become violent to get her way across & pray what a man should do in such situation……

    Become buddha & stay mum & quiet without losing sanity

    or clench his fists & land a punch on her face resulting in the woman dialling 911 & the man heading towards the nearest state prison……

    The reason why a man becomes violent is not because he

    chose or wanted to…..but he was provoked & instigated

    beyond a certain point & since the bitch simply refused or rather chose NOT to listen to him, did not make an effort to understand his viewpoint or his thinking…..he was left with NO other choice…..

    3.Scrap all the existing child support laws:

    If the woman chose to keep children with herself, then it is her decision & it is her responsibility to look after them.

    She should NOT claim anything from her man.If the man

    decides to send financial assistance,then well & good but man is NO way obligated to support her.

    It becomes a man’s obligation & responsibility only when he gets to keep his children.

    Further more there is NO way to prevent the woman from misusing it.The woman could very well use the money for her own needs under the excuse of supporting his kids…..

  • Donnie says:

    I am a spiritual man and women in USA need there ass whooped!!!!

  • Donnie says:

    Women no longer want to be a lady they want to run all that’s not there Parton earth it supposed to be a help mate genesis.2:18. That says it all from the beginning thank u very much !!!!!! That’s a freebee

  • ifthetruthhurstsuckitup says:

    I been married 3 times and this article above is sooooooooooooooooooo true, this is why I will not ever marry again, and for those low life losers that keep telling me that I should get married agian….fcuk off and let me enjoy my single life for life..ha ha ha.

    • Keith says:

      Ive been married 3 times also. Ive been living alone now for over 14 years and love it! People say, ooohhhh, how sad, you must be so lonely! I’m like what? Are you crazy??? These have been the best years of my life! No debates, no compromising away what I want, dont have to hear any nagging, BITCHING or any other BULLSHIT!!! If I want to buy something with MY money, I go friggen buy it! I dont have to ask or explain why I want it. I decided I wanted a motorcycle. So, I went to the dealer,picked out the one I wanted and bought the fucken thing! Why? Because I fucking wanted to, thats why!!! I didnt have to justify it,argue about it, or even discuss it! I just bought and was very happy about it. I now have a girlfriend that I love very much. She’s japanese and her name is KAWASAKI!!!

  • The Absolute Truth says:

    most of the women out there today are so very RETARDED, and such LOSERS they have become.

  • jester says:

    If chauvinism is not a good thing neither is feminism. I am with John stop kissing ass. If these women all want equality in every way and for the feminist. Then why should men pull out the chairs for them or hold doors for them. Better yet why should we have to do the heavy lifting at jobs where both sex had to qualify for? Or why if we are equal do they get modified exercise for same position men apply for? Does not seem quite equal.

  • jester says:

    I would never marry an American womanl. I use to think I wanted to but after traveling and meeting women from Germany, England, Spain, Italy and so on. There is no way I’d marry an American woman.

  • Carlitos way says:

    Do not get married! Do not do it! You must be strong and think long and hard. Marriage is meant to enslave the man and “protect” the woman. If you value your life, your freedom, your happiness, your sanity…don’t do it. I married young at 21. Seven years later divorced. It was hell. I stayed smart and single for almost 10 years. Some of the best years of my life. Then I lost my mind and married again. Now almost 9 years later I am in hell again. The last 3 years separated, and wondering how I could have been so darn stupid….again! Forget about what “society” says. Do what is best for you. And another thing, don’t let a bitch move in with you. If she is angling towards moving in together it just means that she wants you to pay the bills for her broke ass. You don’t want her around 24/7 anyway. It just destroys the romance. You both need your own space from time to time. Most women are disorganized slobs and they will trash your place. If they can’t afford to live on their own then you certainly don’t want to waste your time with them anyway.

    • Keith841 says:

      your speaking specifically about AMERICAN women. I’ve been through the hell three times!!!! DO NOT EVER EVER EVER marry an American woman.

  • disqus_EDsLmjtBKy says:

    O ya unless your tall rich and handsome they treat your like dirt. Do they ever look in the mirror and see the overweight, over the hill, classless e.g. dirty flip flops and a tramp stamp( yes find tramp stamps attractive on whores not wifes) women they are?

  • fuktwittertwattter says:

    I find US American women disgusting, especially the redneck types. Stands in line by the cash register, forgets her money and cards at home, holds the line for an hours hitting her big fat arse (or a very narrow skinny arse) acting as if shew “forgot” the money and guess what is in her shopping bag? Usually lifting weights (hantels). Even the seemingly normal city girls are way off and unfeminine. I’m dating Europeans and Asian women mostly. I don’t find Latinas acceptable either. I’m European and I’ve been working in the US for a European company for almost 20 years now. If not my job I would have never lived in the US. It’s nice to come here for a visit, but living and creating a family – not a chance.

    • Keith says:

      OUTSTANDING! I’m an American man and you are 100% right! I refuse to date American women. As you say they are scammers, liers,cheaters and thieves! I got burned by three of them over the years and finally realized American women are terrible! They make the worst choice for a wife. BIG mistake!! I date only Ukrainian women. I am going to marry one and MOVE to Ukraine.

      • fuktwittertwattter says:

        Here’s more detail: Met a woman in Charlotte, off Eharmony (e+harm+money). A manager of sales people at a cosmetics company. On a date she waits until I go to pee and steals cash from my bag. Got her on camera yet can’t show since the cops ordered me to stay away. Police sides with thieves very often. Should I call it a criminal inactivity. Then another time stayed overnight (no sex, which is fine with me), yet in the morning cash is missing from my bag and days later a couple thousand dollars charge on my card… Many like that. If I tell you all my stories, including scammer doctors, bad dentists damaging my good teeth just to be nasty. Not to damage the tooth so I can come back and pay them to fix them, no! Just drills the top of the very front tooth to make a “dent” in it, so it goes bad. No idea why? Perhaps some racist agenda? yet the dentist and me are both white (or perhaps the dentist is Jewish, not sure, but still white) mostly bad experiences at most docteurs in USA you guys would hold your head in your hands and run away from this “FREE” country if you hear all these stories trhat border Third World or worse! But what is worse, that you are being sprayed with CHEMTRAILS (softly speaking : geo-engineering), are being bombed by your own authorities (Boston Marathon “bombing” is absolutely a staged, a fake event – Google “powder thrown at Boston Marathon”)) and above it all, the 9/11 was an Absolute Inside Job. I feel very sorry for the guys in this country who have to put up with criminals in charge of their money, lives and having put up with manly bitches. Way too much to handle for an average US American dude. And all of the abolve would be JUST FINE, if the US did not claim they were THE FREEST, THE # 1, THE BEST in the world. So you kind of take your expectations sky high and then the shit hits the fan….

  • Scott says:

    Woman are cunts, Casey S is definitely the queen gold digging over sensitive queen cunt

  • Seriously The Truth says:

    Well where in the world are the good women today?, and with so many very mean women out there today that have a very serious attitude problem which it is very hard meeting a good one now.

    • k4u1963 says:

      They most certainly cant be found in The United States. Ive looked far and wide and so have many friends of mine. You need to look to other cultures that place a high value on marriage and where women place a high value on their husband. American women view men and their husbands as incompetent fools how are not important and simply expendable. They will quickly divorce you,steal all your money and make terrible false reports to the police. Being in a relationship with an American female is extremely dangerous to your emotional health and your future. All men must completely REJECT American women and avoid them like the plague!

  • Mike says:

    Type of woman YOU should never marry -> The girl that likes to make out with other girls.
    Sorry, but if you have gay tendencies then go and be that inner lesbian you desire!
    I have nothing against lesbians. Just don’t mask yourself as a straight girl, put your tongue down some girls throat then say you are not gay!

  • AM says:

    Feminism is the best thing ever. I love feminists.

  • Richard Alexander says:

    In what others area would a right thinking man sign a contract which allows their partner to walk away with half of their assets as a reward for making them unhappy….madness!

  • tori amri says:

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  • franker says:

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  • Rhody says:

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  • MR.I got me a Dominican says:

    I am a black male 34. I have a good job at the gas company. 2 years of college, a house and 3 cars. i work out with my own gym in my house. I married a hot Dominican girl. Dated her for three years before we got married.
    I would have never met a women like I have in the USA. The better the women looks in the USA the more problems you WILL have keeping her. I prefer a REAL women with old school family values and her own hair. These black women today are selfish,loud,fussy,rude,bold,full of tattoos,mean, and quick to call the police. To try to get you in jail. And they will get there broke ghetto babies daddy/boy friend to break in you house soon as she gets mad.
    Yall brother need to wake up. And leave these no good BLACK women alone and get you a overseas women. I am so happy with my HOT Dominican WIFE!

  • Tami says:

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  • Riccardo says:

    This article is not very comprehensive. Just a little bit too simple. there are far many more kind of women we should avoid like an ebola infection. Just to mention a few:
    1. the control freak: planning every minute of your life into a perfect swiss hell
    2. the well of depression: no matter what you do, she will always be depressed and your like a shit
    3. The grabber: only taking and pretending, never giving
    4. The grabber evolution: despising you because you do not meet all her expectations
    5. The bitch: pretty self-explanatory
    6. The twin headed monster: you marry her and her mather. Alltogether to make your like a living hell.




    if you ever see a successful man out there, you must know that a women is behind him,meaning a women must have helped him by not taking away his wealth,
    and his energy… you wana be successful ? stay away from moroccan women,they worse than american