Is Your girlfriend Good Wife Material?

by admin on July 15, 2011
Will your girlfriend make a good wife?

Is my girlfriend good wife material? This is probably a question that has crossed the mind of any man who’s been in a long term relationship at one point in time. It seems like such an easy question, but in reality it’s about the hardest question you can answer about your significant other.

Determining whether your significant other is truly significant, or if they are simply the insignificant piece of meat holding your hand relies on a few things. You need to evaluate your partner and really dig deep if need be to answer these questions about her.

Does your girlfriend use sex as a weapon?

Believe it or not there are a ton of women out there who know that we as men want them in a sexual manner, DUH, but, they turn around and use it against us. It’s not fair to us, mainly because we become putty in their moisturized hands, but also because it shows a side of them we may not have noticed. The evil side.

A woman who would use sex against some she claims to care about and calls her boyfriend doesn’t care as much as a wife should. If you see her using your sexual encounters as a tool to get what she wants out of you, well then, have your fun but DO NOT put a ring on that finger!

Does your girlfriend have a serious problem with “typical” woman jobs?

Now at first glance this may seem like a completely sexist statement but in reality it’s not. When you marry a woman you two become partners in crime, two lives becoming one. This means you two should share in the work it takes to keep your lives livable.

If she has major problems with cooking or cleaning or taking care of children, well then she is not anywhere near wife material. If you plan on having a family you need a woman that will take care of the house while you are taking care of the money. Honestly it’s only fair, and if she expects you to be husband, wife, father and mother, then you my friend can do so much better.

Is your girlfriend responsible?

This does not mean ‘does she take out the trash’ if you ask her to. This means can she handle her own life without help? Could she support herself financially without you? She doesn’t have to be Mrs. Donald Trump but she DOES need to be able to stand on her own two feet.

And the reason is because if she is completely dependent on someone else to support her and help her live a life, then she will make a terrible partner. She will forever rely on you for everything. You see this a lot with rich families, the girls go from mommy and daddy’s house, to an ivy league college (not because she was good in school but because mommy and daddy made a hefty contribution) to a boyfriend’s house.

Move on to a more responsible woman, you’ll be much happier.

Does your girlfriend try to control you or change things about you?

You will see this almost on a daily basis, and sitcoms have made millions of dollars making fun of this exact situation. You should be particularly cautious here, because a woman trying to get you to dress up for nice occasions is NOT the same as a woman trying to change who you’ve always been.

Run away, run far, far away and get a girl who appreciates and loves you for you. Honestly, most of the ones trying to change you are unhappy with themselves anyway so they project it on you.

80 Responses to “Is Your girlfriend Good Wife Material?
  • Biatch says:

    fuck you caveman asshole

    • No says:

      ding ding ding – looks like your article has brought one of the undesirable women in from the wild.  Women who speak like you are not good wife material.

      • evilshue says:

        Hey, I’m a woman from the wild! I love this site and agree with everything said here!
        p.s- I am a peice of the most premo-marriage material that you ever did see, i do it all and I, do not give a F*CK about getting married! 😀 My bf and I have been living together for 2 yrs, and I would never change a thing. I love that he’s got friends and inerests, what? Want him to give up his life to sit home all the time? Listen ladies, the man you marry should have all you want in a man, or just don’t marry him and wait for someone who does! And if and when you do find a worthy husband, why the hell would you try to change him? That’s just crazy talk.

        • Guyver says:

          The average relationship lasts for about 4-5 years. You are only on your 2nd so enjoy it while you can, because it probably won’t last.

          • La-Dee-Dah says:

            How would you know? I’ve seen cohabiting couples of 25 years or more. You need to get out more.

        • Frank5 says:

          we don’t care about your point of view 🙂

        • Veronica says:

          Well he gets everything, you get nothing. It’s dumping, worthy women won’t agree on such terms. You live in way he wants and try to present it as something good. Good luck, future single mom…

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        Seems to me “wife material” is synonymous with slave. Maybe we should thank God we’re NOT “wife material” particular with husbands who are jerks who think they’re the only ones who get to call the shots.  I’d rather be “undesirable” than put upon.

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        and men who judge women like her aren’t husband material.

    • Brandon Green says:

      NO FUCK YOU !

  • Anon says:

    > If she has major problems with … taking care of children

    This is a BIG red flag.  If you disagree with raising children, especially her brats from a previous relationship, run far, far away.  That’s going to be a source of disagreements and fights.

    > Does your girlfriend try to control you or change things about you?

    This can be more subtle than you think.  I had a girlfriend who /refused/ to let me buy skim milk, even if I suggested that I buy whole milk for her, and skim milk for myself.  Why, I do not know.

  • Indy says:

    I’m a married woman and I agree with everything written here for sho! .

  • Indy says:

    I’m a married woman and I agree with everything written here for sho! .

  • Indy says:

    I’m a married woman and I agree with everything written here for sho! .

  • Madi says:

    Wait, wtf?

    “If you plan on having a family you need a woman that will take care of the house while you are taking care of the money.”
    Then.. 4 sentences later:

    “Could she support herself financially without you?”

    Two very conflicting statements, you should really get your story straight before you post this garbage on the internet. How could a woman stay home and clean and take care of children all day, and also support herself on her own? That does not make any sense.

    • Popanator says:

      What I think this trash is wanting is a woman to work 70 hours a week and still keep a clean house and cook dinner. He wants a wife to be the husband and the wife, mother and the father. I screwed up before and married one of those type of bums.

    • Drucifer says:

      Not necessarily.  Look, if I stand on my own two feet financially as a man, ok, check the 1st box.  Now what if I complain and moan every time a light bulb needs changed, a bolt on a chair needs tightened, a car needs washed or repaired or the trash needs taken out.  Well, even with box 1 checked, I am probably not good husband material.  The only way to run a household is to divide the tasks, especially if both partners are working.  If she complains about cooking or cleaning or won’t do them, her home and auto maintenance skills better be good.

    • Scottwalker- says:

      misinterpretation, could she support her self does not mean she is. basically if finances become an issue can she help? maybe you’d like to be a stay at home dad? maybe you’ll get laid up for a few months and she’ll have pick up the slack for a bit. you’ve got to think a little bit, you can’t just read and apply liberally.

    • Pro Guest says:

       WTF urself Madi! u obviously have no clue.. I was raised by a single mother since the age of 9,
      she worked full time, came home, made supper, took care of laundry, paid bills.
      So yes both statements can go hand in hand..

      Grow up pls!

      • La-Dee-Dah says:

        Pro guest, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. The article writer wants a suzy homemaker who doesn’t work outside the home who is de facto dependent on him because she is not bringing in an income because he’s “taking care of the money”  but yet he says she should be able to take care of herself? When? After she’s been pressured to quit her job to assuage his king sized ego? Please.  There is a whole generation of women who wound up being displaced homemakers because of that attitude… and who wound up being single parents.  So it seems to me you’re the one who needs to grow up.

        • Jameel says:

          I don’t think you get it either. There are women out there on both sides. Some work along with their husband but don’t want to help cook, clean, or take care of the Childern. So want to just work, and want their Husbands to stay at home. Some don’t want to do anything at all but be spoiled. He is actually speaking to all three groups. For example, my fiance works and takes care of our son but, sucks at everything else. So if I work at the same time, no cleaning gets done and no food gets cooked unless I do it.

    • Protob says:

      It’s in two completely different points, and is more related to a woman who isn’t working and doesn’t have any major responsibilities at the time. Read it slower and more careful next time and you might understand it

  • derp herp says:

    what the fuck am i reading? are you ten years old? what the actual fuck??

  • Ajrocksman says:

    Could she support her self, maybe she doesnt have a job but if she needed to she could support her self. shes responsible n mature.. not a lady that will never work a day n her life even if she depended it.. jeeze im 15 n i get this article.. ppl commenting r the girls that r exactally what men dont like lol.. thats their problem, not the article haha

  • Anonymous says:

    Well. He makes few points, but you definitely need to choose better wording. What if the woman is the one bringing in the bacon? There are plenty of House Husbands out there.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with the article and don’t think it is garbage. I think some people are taking it out of context and altering what the author is trying to say. Its not conflicting or being hypocritical. It says that she should be able to financially support herself without a mans help. And that is important in a relationship just as a female doesn’t want a man who doesn’t have a job or couldn’t support her and their family. It just shows responsibility if she can support herself and her life on her own, like the point the author is trying to make, she can be independant. If you look at it from the other side, if she couldn’t support herself, what are her values? Does she expect someone to always take care of her? Does she take advantage of people? If a woman can support herself, it shows she has values, responsibilty, hard work ethics, and independance, it gives her valuable character that is attractive to others. Also, about the “typical women jobs” it says right there that the woman takes care of the house and the man takes care of the money, no where in the text does it say the author expects the woman to work a job AND take care of the house. It also says that the two of you should share the work. Once again, readers are taking what the author is saying out of context. Of course circumstances would be different if the woman was the bread winner and the man took care of the house. Its just bringing up a point that typically the wife takes care of cooking, cleaning and caring for the children more so then a man. If you want to have a family one day, this is something a man would look for in a woman, just as a woman would look for certain things in a man before making him her husband or father of her children. I think the women who commented below are offended and taking this out of context. I am a woman and wasn’t offended by this at all. Women have that motherly instinct to care for the home as men have that protective instinct to provide for his family. I know that what I look for in a man is someone who can support me and our family financially, not because I am a gold digger or a materialistic person, but because it shows me that he is willing to stand by his family and do whatever it takes to support them. Just as when he looks for a woman, he wants to make sure she can cook, clean, etc so that he knows his family wont go without being provided for either. When I was growing up, my dad would teach me how to do certain things like spackle a hole in the wall, put together furniture, mow the lawn, etc all “typical” man jobs and I didn’t understand why I had to learn how to do those things and I would say that my husband would do them and he told me that it was important I learned to do them for myself because its not always a definite that a man is going to be around to do them. My father was teaching my responsibility and independance. He told me that if I knew how to do everything on my own I wouldn’t NEED a man in my life and that I could just HAVE one in my life. I think that was one of the best pieces of advice he could’ve given me. Women shouldn’t be offended by this and should try and view it from the opposite sides of what if she didn’t have those qualities, how would it be viewed then.

    • Brandon Green says:

      I have to agree with you. Seeing as how our world has changed so much what your Father did turned out to be an unfortunate necessity for many. There is a dearth of marriages these days and more children are being raised out of wedlock(in other words single mom). 

    • Veronica says:

      Well woman can’t have a proper job if she doesn’t work regularly, most well-payed professions require uninterrupted job expirience. So author implies that wife must work at low-paying jobs before marriage and be dependent. And be grateful whole life for him taking care of money. BS… Then it’s better to get some Philippina not knowing the language and be a happy male loser because you can’t afford an intelligent wife. I cook and clean well, but I am not a free maid. Duties must be shared. And of course only female losers live with men outside of marriage. Welcome to real life!
      P.S. I am happily married and my husband feels okay with cooking and washing dishes while I have the cleaning responsibility.

      • Brandon Green says:

        Real Life ? Not anymore. Men in this country are rebelling against this and one of the ways is not getting married. Men are looking for women overseas and guess what? It works. Women are are going to have no choice and the wheels are already turning!

  • Nina says:

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    • FLIPPER66 says:

      (2 YR AGO POST)

  • Webdev67 says:

    I love your site. Its like you are reading my mind i swear.

  • Bikini Bottom Feeder says:

    There seems to be a contradiction. You want her to stay home and not work…and in the same light you want her to be able to support herself financially.

    That’s it! I give up on men! Well, technically I gave up years ago but I wanted to shout it to the world. 

  • Brandon says:

    There are so few “good” women out there these days. The sexes in most western countries are at war and the family pays for it. As American men go elsewhere for wives and girlfriends things will only get worse. Sad situation

    • La-Dee-Dah says:

      Maybe the reason why there are few “good” women is because there are even fewer “good” men out there?

      • Ghost says:

        where do you got statistics to support that or are you just stating out of experience? Because in my experience I’ve met more good guys and girls than I know bad ones. But I think that depents more on the ones you choose to hang out with and subjective view about the world around you in general.

      • Brandon Green says:

        Don’t tell me YOU are one of the good ones !

    • Ghost says:

      o.o could you tell me the things the women/girlfriends do wrong?

      (greetings from a girl affraid to be in a relationship)

  • La-Dee-Dah says:

    Never mind if she’s wife material. Seems to me the admin and some men need to take a good hard look at themselves and see if they’re HUSBAND material, and chances are they are sorely lacking if they’re the kind who come up with articles like this putting down women lol. I’d RATHER stay single than marry the likes of the Simon LeGrees out there who expect me to stay barefoot and pregnant.

  • Mike says:

    Nice little read, I’ve found no logical flaws in this post at all.
    Maybe, people should start reading and interpreting blog posts, before crying blood & thunder about them.
    If anyone says you’re sexist, ignore them, if they can’t read, then they’re not worth the time to respond.

  • WomanEater says:

    There is a device out now called a Venus 2000 that is meant to replace a woman for good. Eventually there will be a woman robot that will do everything a man wants then the dumb woman wont be needed anymore

    • Veronica says:

      Yeah, women are too hard for you intellectually,poor thing, dumb machine works better…Bad news – you won’t be able to afford even such machine…

  • Guestt2 says:

    This article sound like trash. After reading this article why get married in the first place…
    First of all, Madi is right, women cannot be expected to do everything AND Sex is not a “weapon” but if a women isnt happy in some aspect of the relationship and is stuck at home cooking and cleaning and tending ever male need; isnt that really the last thing they have to take away sense thier not the bread winner?? This isnt the 1940’s women dont need to be the stay at home, women have higher political and social status and make money too! Men can stay at home and cook and clean. Women as the “nurturer”is completely ingrained in our heads thanks to society. (sorry kinda went off on a “feminist” tangent!) And if whom ever wrote this article really believes in equality then this article isnt the way it should be viewed. Point being you shouldnt have to read this crappy article to tell weather your girlfriend is right to marry. Getting married will NOT change the person you marrying and youll soon see many of thier true colors if they havent already come out. Marriage doesnt fix anything ,& it costs on average $30,000. Then to divorce depending on many things (celebrity, athlete) it costs anywhere from $20,000-$995 million to divorce. Raising a kid from infancy to 18 costs on average $250,000… So before you get married theres more to consider than who does the dishes….

  • doughty john says:

    What do I want??

    1.Scrap all the existing divorce or 50-50 laws & alimony:

    {{Oops,this looks like I am asking too much…this should be sending feminists pissing in their pants}}

    * If a man files divorce becoz the woman refuses to listen to the man,refuses to understand his view point, does everything opposite or contrary to what he says or shows scant respect for his thinking & well being, then he has every right to kick the bitch out without paying a dime……

    The state should NOT try to rescue or bail her out…….

    * If a man files divorce, even when the woman is loyal, faithful& does everything to please the man,then the case might be closed by paying appropriate monthly or annually alimony amount to the woman…..

    But seldom will a man try to divorce such a woman & even if he has a one night stand up or extra marital affair, it would be preposterous or foolish on his part to give up such a woman…………

    The woman does not have the right to claim anything else.

    I say fuck with the 50-50 property division,bank accounts etc……I say fuck with 50-50 mutual respect becoz most of the time, woman rarely bring 50-50 to the table……

    *If a woman files divorce, as is the case most of the time,

    becoz she is unhappy with the man or the man is unable to fulfill her needs & wants, then she can break her relationship without claiming anything from man & fending for herself by making her own source of income……

    The man is NOT obligated to bail her out, since he had NOT filed for divorce….simple as that.

    2.Scrap all the existing DV laws:

    The laws states….. the manipulated version… is all right for a woman to become violent against man but it is not acceptable for a man to defend himself from such type of woman.

    Thus it is okay or acceptable for a woman to tease, taunt,

    scold,chide,heap malice & scorn,spite & emasculate,pass caustic & sarcastic remarks,abuse verbally & if that does not work….. become violent to get her way across & pray what a man should do in such situation……

    Become buddha & stay mum & quiet without losing sanity

    or clench his fists & land a punch on her face resulting in the woman dialling 911 & the man heading towards the nearest state prison……

    The reason why a man becomes violent is not because he

    chose or wanted to…..but he was provoked & instigated

    beyond a certain point & since the bitch simply refused or rather chose NOT to listen to him, did not make an effort to understand his viewpoint or his thinking…..he was left with NO other choice…..

    3.Scrap all the existing child support laws:

    If the woman chose to keep children with herself, then it is her decision & it is her responsibility to look after them.

    She should NOT claim anything from her man.If the man

    decides to send financial assistance,then well & good but man is NO way obligated to support her.

    It becomes a man’s obligation & responsibility only when he gets to keep his children.

    Further more there is NO way to prevent the woman from misusing it.The woman could very well use the money for her own needs under the excuse of supporting his kids…..

    • Veronica says:

      “woman rarely bring 50-50 to the table” – because of financial discrimination. Still clever women run own business and get more profit than men’s salaries. Your erotic dreams about law will remain erotic dreams because you can’t do anything legally,bc you are loser with no influence or proper money. Period

      • Brandon Green says:

        LOL! No sweetheart you are the loser and a MAJOR fool.
        The revolution is on and women in western societies
        are going to lose.

      • Guest says:

        F: “Women only make 70 cents for every dollar men make.”
        From YouTube’s “Feminism Explained”:
        M: “Is that because men work in more lucrative fields?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men pursue more lucrative jobs in those fields?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men are less likely to only work part time?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men are less likely to quit their jobs to raise children?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men work more overtime?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men work more dangerous jobs?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “…because men retire at an older age and get the benefit of seniority?”
        F: “No.”
        M: “Then why?”
        F: “Because men are bad.”

  • Meghan says:

    You make great points. I love being at home, making dinner, cleaning, traditional things you know? Im also taking college courses from home, if my man needs to take time off work, im able to get a job and pay the bills while he does the house work. These woman trolls are crazy, real FEMinism is dead if they want everything like a man.

  • wantTOgoBACKinTIME says:

    I’ve been married over 10 years and can tell you all – prostitutes give you WAY more happiness.

    Imagine nagging every morning, complaining every evening, hating going home to a house you pay for, being denied sex, but she flirts with other men AND you know she has cheated on you in the past. The list goes on. And the whole time to get sex she has to be in the mood and happy (problem is is that the smallest problem makes them unhappy!)

    It always starts good when they are young, beautiful and nice to you, but eventually they ALL change and demand more while you get less. Also keep in mind as they become less attractive, you become more attractive. Just stay in shape and things will be good.

    I’m about to tell my wife in the next few days I want a divorce when really I have wanted one for years. I’ve managed to keep it together for years for my kids but now I’m going insane and I can feel it which is good for no one. And for all you bitches out there who want to blame me, let me tell you this. I’m the cleaner. I’m the cook (for the vast majority). I buy her expensive gifts and send flowers and countless other things to make her happy. I make her orgasm EVERYtime we have sex. BJs are not in her vocabulary but gets pissed when I dont eat her out. On top of that I dont smoke or drink and workout/run/train daily. She smokes and drinks daily and refuses to even go for a walk except when summer is coming and she wants to put on a bikini to show her ass in (which is out of shape now but she is in denial). And what do i get in return? A daily bitchy attitude and her constant flirting that’s what ! I find that the men like me who treat their wives like queens suffer the most because the wife thinks she has “mastered” him and her pussy is platinum. WRONG. Its love you dumb bitches….well at least it was.

    Remember single men: ALL married men have been single, but not ONE single man has been married. And 99% of married men have the SAME depressing story. They kill your self-esteem, your spirit, and sometimes even your sex drive.


    And if you positively must, make sure she has a good relationship with her father, because if not she will most likely end up being a cheater. I’m telling you this from years of open conversation with other married idiots like myself. Keep your independence, keep your money, keep your pride, but most of all – KEEP YOUR SANITY

    • Brandon says:

      Please get out of there as fast as you can. I am a “built’ older man and i am going to just “date” and not “committ”.

      • Veronica says:

        There are not enough dumb women for your “dating, not commiting” and welcome to the exciting life with STDs…

        • Brandon Green says:

          Boy are you a moron ! There are plenty of “DUMB” women out there. They hope for committment but don’t get one. That makes most move on but in the meantime i am “plowing” their
          field. LOL!

    • Ghost says:

      doesn’t that mean that even if not marrying and being in a relationship for something for a long time, the exact same thing would still happen? And why is it that s*x seems to be a necissity in a relationship? That’s scary to concider.. Especially if you don’t want such a thing. And I mean that both ways since a women recently sued her husband for not having s*x with her in 3 years. @-@

  • Ben says:

    where in the world would there be a good woman to meet, let alone a wife?

  • Cayenne says:

    All these questions about a woman’s potential…..what do you losers have to offer? It’s scienticifically proven than men and women are more alike than different…..all you think about is sex ……and sex. Meet us 1/2 way and put your selfish asses in our shoes for a change. We Are NOT here for your pleasure and servitude……as you shouldn’t be for our’s.

    • Ghost says:

      What one thinks about differs per person. All though I’lld say most here think about s** a lot from what I’ve read. But know there are people out there who are asexual for example or just don’t care about it. If you claim that to be true, give me a few sources to support that. Here’s one about differences in gender/sex with your comment you’re generallizing and assuming a certain behaviour to be true for all males, which just isn’t true as people simply difer per person. and.. judging an entire group of people to be losers -_-… With last statement I agree though. But you don’t seem to get the point of the article: Yes, in relationships you look for the other persons potential. Both genders do and help build better relationships than just rushing into one without knowing the person and if you’re compatible.

      • Ghost says:

        btw, reason I was censoring and one time not censoring the same word is because the seccond time it had a different meaning.

    • Brandon Green says:

      Not here for our pleasure ? Yes you are. If not
      watch how many men in the future get married.
      Men are tired of women in western society and are
      going to do something about it.

  • Steve123 says:

    Men too can have it all… 🙂 Do a search on this new book!

    Dr. Helen Smith’s New Book, “Men On Strike”

    • Ghost says:

      Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
      I didn’t know about the laws described against men’s favour.. It seems odd to me that they’re even allowed to exist O.o If you are male, would you say you don’t speak up for yourself as well? And could you perhaps explain how to know if there’s something the significant other finds wrong and doesn’t say out of fear?

  • Ghost says:

    It’s a bit unsetteling this is supporting the old way of: the wife having a part-time job and taking care of the house while the man taking care of majority of the income.. Or well, saying that that is a desireble thing. If I were ever to be in a relationship I’lld prefer both to share the burden of finincial income and houskeeping more equally. I’d rather kill myself than becoming a housewife and not contributing something meaningfull to society.

    Hm.. don’t know if this adds any insight but here is something personal:
    I’m very affraid on becoming a housewife and having a relationship in general.. This is partly because of hearing comments/generalization on -and stereotyping of women from my dad/brother a lot in negative manner. While most characteristics that they stereotyped women with don’t apply to me
    -Example: I often restrain from talking about personal burdens either physical or emotionally (..while not being anomynous on the internet xD), try not to show my emotions and push them aside much as possible wife< material, while another talks about how marriage isn't a good thing.

    • Ghost again says:

      O.o .. What just happened XD
      I’m sorry I’ll rewrite this comment it’s barely readable as it is. I’d done nothing with BB code if this site even supports that?

    • Ghost again says:

      word of advice: if writing a comment try not to use chevrons.. screws up everything @-@

  • Ghost says:

    It’s a bit unsetteling this is supporting the old way of: the wife having a part-time job and taking care of the house while the man taking care of majority of the income.. Or well, saying that that is a desireble thing. If I were ever to be in
    a relationship I’lld prefer both to share the burden of finincial income and houskeeping more equally. I’d rather kill myself than becoming a housewife and not contributing something meaningfull to society.

    Hm.. don’t know if this adds any insight but here is something personal:
    I’m very affraid on becoming a housewife and having a relationship in
    general.. I even came to hate being a women and wish for it to change (not born
    trans-sexual and am not planning on taking hormones or surgery)
    This is partly because of hearing comments/generalization on -and stereotyping of women from my dad/brother a lot in negative manner. While most characteristics that they stereotyped women with don’t apply to me. -Example: I often restrain from talking about personal burdens either physical or emotionally (..while not being anomynous on the internet xD), try not to show my emotions and push them aside much as possible. Ironically this is the reason why my only relationship thus far failed, while mostly being (over)emotional is seen as a bad thing.

    If I ever were to be in a relationship while living on my own I’d rather take care equally as much on the house keeping and finances

    side not: It’s a bit double how this article talks about how to know if your girlfriend is wife material, while this entire website seems to be against marriage.

    • GhostAgain:D says:

      (-_() Try to ignore the sentenece I’d accidently typed out a second time please …. awkward silence.

  • Aleksander says:

    What if my girlfriend didn’t want me top drink or do drugs? I drank and smoked pot heavily before we started dating and I Stopped because she didn’t want me to anymore, but i drink secretly sometimes with friends. Is this a bad thing?”

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  • Hey yeah says:

    i believe this guy meant “could she support herself” while they are still in the dating phase. If she can support herself finically before marriage then she is wife material.