She Might Be a Gold Digger if…

by admin on June 22, 2011
Is she a gold digger?

There is no secret about the women out in this world who are after one thing and one thing only, no not that thing, your MONEY!!

Gold Diggers. These are the women who will play the game and actually suck you in to the point of you believing they truly care about you, when all they really care about is your wallet. This can be really upsetting for some guys that get too wrapped up in the relationship and then are left heartbroken over that awful heartless succubus.
For those of you that are concerned that you may be dating a Gold Digger, or just want to know how to spot one before you do, here are a few tips to spot a Gold Digger.

The first thing you need to understand is what a Gold Digger REALLY is. Some people think if a women mentions money at all she is a Gold Digger, but really she may just want to be sure you are financially stable. Women don’t want a man that is a complete mooch so just because they discuss overall stability that does not pin them as a GD. Now if she is constantly talking about money and what you have then it’s obviously such a huge deal to her that chances are she got herself a pick axe and is going digging.

#1. If this woman is constantly hinting that she needs money and she cannot make certain bills, and she looks at you with puppy dog eyes in hopes you will be that solution…she might be a Gold Digger.

#2. If you discuss ways to get her out of her financial problems by selling some of her precious items and she is absolutely appalled at the thought of losing her shiny things…she might be a Gold Digger. See a normal logical person will most likely get a bit upset about losing some of the things, but would much rather eat and keep their house or lights on rather than have a shiny necklace.

#3. If she has a ridiculous sense of entitlement like she deserves the queen like treatment of having her entire life funded…she might be a Gold Digger.

#4. If she considers some outrageously expensive piece of jewelry her greatest gift ever, it shows she is focused on material items and, you guessed it…she might be a Gold Digger. Sometimes we receive really expensive important heirlooms from our family, but that is much different than what the Gold Digger is talking about. Also the story that will be behind that item will tell you a lot about what she really thinks about.

#5. If you have gone out on several dates and done several things together yet she has never offered to pay at least something then…she might be a Gold Digger. The average woman will have no problem paying a little bit here and there after you have connected and gone out a bunch of times.

#6. If she has never really had a steady job, and more so it seems that she only has a job when she doesn’t have a man in her life…she might be a Gold Digger. A normal person that isn’t looking for hand outs will have a job no matter what. People like to be self sufficient and be able to buy what they want when they want, except for the ones looking for a free ride.

#7. If she is focusing all of her questions on what you have and what you make each year…she might be a Gold Digger. Most people won’t worry too much about your material possessions and how much money you make each year. They are much more interested in the connection you two have together.

#8. Do a small test with this woman. Try telling her you want to chase your lifelong dream. Now here’s where the test comes in, tell her it is going to take a significant lifestyle change, meaning you will have to go back to school possibly relocate and money will be extremely tight due to all of that. If she flips out and makes it a huge deal that everything is going to change and you won’t have money then…she might be a Gold Digger.

I’m sure just reading this you can pinpoint a girl or two in your life or one of your friend’s lives that fit some if not all of these descriptions. You need to watch out for yourself and don’t get sucked in and lose your money and your emotions over a woman who is only after one thing. You are better than that so ditch the witch and move on to someone who is worth it and will appreciate you no matter what kind of money or material items you own.

3 Responses to “She Might Be a Gold Digger if…
  • OldSchool says:

    Best advice I can give is “finding a good girlfriend is like fishing, you are going to catch certain types depending on the bait you use”. Men try to impress young tenders with the $$$ and then complain once they get married and the woman views them as a walking ATM. Test them like the #8 suggestion and see what happens.

  • Keith says:

    Lets make this simple, shall we? Use this test.
    Ask her if she is an American woman. If she says yes, DUMP her like a hot potato!
    Guys, go for a foreign woman and nothing else. REJECT American women completely!

  • why bother says:

    This approach would only work with very wealthy guys: first, move half your wealth offshore to an offshore business. Next with the remainder, live a couple notches of comfort above the average man you are competing against (for women). Hide the remainder. Never tell her your income. If you are a Manager in a company tell her you are an engineer. If you have a wildly exotic car, keep it parked at a relatives or friend’s place and drive your $40,000 Infiniti to pick up your girlfriend. Lease a comfortable house in an upscale neighborhood, but not a neighborhood with obvious multimillionaires. And before your first date delete your Facebook account. Give your close FB friends your email address.