Premature Ejaculation: 5 Best Ways To Last Longer In Bed

by admin on June 27, 2011
How to cure premature ejaculation

One of the most common issues for men in bed is Premature Ejaculation, which is when a man climaxes before the girl he is engaging in sexual intercourse with even comes close. It’s one of the most humiliating occurrences in existence and leaves many men ashamed of themselves. Some people actually resort to avoiding sex simply because they don’t know how to control ejaculation.

Despite what you may think, you’re just another statistic. Up to 40% of men in the world have Premature Ejaculation problems, so plenty of people know exactly how you feel. There is a way to beat it, and you’re about to learn the basics. Some of the best ways to last longer in bed are self-evident, such as avoiding visualizations that lead up to your climax. Soon enough you’ll be one of the 60% of men who actually do know how to last longer in bed.

#1. Intellectual supremacy will give you an advantage over your Premature Ejaculation issue. What that means is that if you think about the whole situation too much then you’re bound to climax within an extremely short period of time. Simply don’t think about how you’re sleeping with a woman, make it your goal to be able to please her.

#2. Only you truly know what makes you climax, if you can learn to avoid that then you’re in the clear. Technically hormones are the culprits behind every orgasm, so what you are really doing when you avoid climaxing is controlling your hormones. If it makes it easier, you could think of it as a science: merely pretend as if you are conducting an experiment and you are the subject.

#3. Some people claim that masturbating frequently helps them stay in the game, but honestly it doesn’t work for everyone. It especially doesn’t work when you masturbate for mere minutes and then explode, that will only hurt your cause. If you truly enjoy jerking off then instead of trying to cum as soon as you possibly can, stop every time you feel close to your climax, wait 20 seconds and then repeat the process for about 30 minutes. That method should increase your stamina significantly.

#4. One of the best ways to last longer in bed is to gain complete control over your body during intercourse. I’m sure you know what I mean by that. So many guys get carried away in bed and don’t know when to slow it down just by a notch, which can actually cause Premature Ejaculation for men who don’t normally experience that problem at all. So next time you realize that you’re body is taking over, slow it down a bit.

#5. Although most of your climax is controlled mentally, some of it is about the muscles. If you have a woman ride you on top then penile sensitivity and anxiety performance is greatly reduced. Naturally that means that you have a better chance of lasting longer in bed.

The bottom line is that those highly acclaimed pills, creams and other Premature Ejaculation cures never work. It’s all about training your body and mind alike, if you can learn how to ride a bike as a kid then why can’t you learn how to control ejaculation? The truth is that you can, it just takes a little bit of effort and a lot of commitment.

26 Responses to “Premature Ejaculation: 5 Best Ways To Last Longer In Bed
  • Tamma Tony says:

    Do not have sex with full bladder. Full bladder will make you uncomfortable triggering premature ejaculation. Also always use condoms as they make the thrusts less stimulating to your penis. Some men even wear two condoms to increase the effect. Do not use thin and ultra-thin condoms as they feel virtually the same as having no condom at all. If you can find the special condoms that are designed to make you last longer in bed, be sure to try them out. This type of condoms has desensitizing cream inside making your penis a little bit numb and thus helping you avoid premature ejaculation.VISIT —

  • Walter Bringht says:

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  • Wilfred says:

    Lasting longer in bed requires two different types of training – mental and physical.

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  • Helen says:

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  • aNNA mONTY says:

    The best methods of curing your problem are those that involve totally getting rid of your anxiety in the bedroom. You see, the true cause of all premature ejaculation is anxiety/fear/self-doubt or whatever you want to call it. If you are not 100% comfortable and enjoying the sex in the pure moment then you will premature ejaculate.MORE AT —

  • Susan says:

    Try this out for him, bloody excellent:)

  • To get over it, I suggest that you take your time with foreplay and give each other a mutual massage. Take your time. Don’t worry about the first ejaculation, commit to go for a second. Stroke each other and get really comfortable and close.

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  • Just before an orgasm a lot of energy in your body gets built up around the genital area. In licking the roof of your mouth you’re using a special Tantric technique which transfers energy up your body and away from your genitals. By drawing this energy away it’s easier to last longer.MORE AT —

  • Nick Benson says:

    The squeeze technique is a good way to slow down a speedy ejaculator. Pre-mature ejaculation can have a lot to do with age, but you’re right, it is very much a learned experience. In the meantime, I would recommend you try the “squeeze technique” with him. I’ll include a link, but basically what’s involved is that when he feels as if he’s about to come, he tells you and you grab the base of his penis at his belly and squeeze it hard. Normally that will shut down his pre-mature ejaculation and give him time to recover before he starts thrusting again.MORE AT —

  • Nick Benson says:

    Many men who use this technique during sex finds that it helps them to last longer. Quite how or why this works is not fully understood. It could simply be a distraction of the mind or there could be some other explanation for it.MORE AT —

  • MIchale Jacques says:

    The squeeze technique is a good way to slow down a speedy ejaculator. Pre-mature ejaculation can have a lot to do with age, but you’re right, it is very much a learned experience. In the meantime, I would recommend you try the “squeeze technique” with him. I’ll include a link, but basically what’s involved is that when he feels as if he’s about to come, he tells you and you grab the base of his penis at his belly and squeeze it hard. Normally that will shut down his pre-mature ejaculation and give him time to recover before he starts thrusting again.MORE AT —

  • Thomas Edison says:

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  • Ricardo says:

    That is why god invented foreplay and oral sex. There is no such thing as “premature ejaculation”. Premature to what? There is only “ejaculation”. Don’t women (especially the religious ones) know that our creator designed men to ejaculate when the are ready, not according to some artificial standard imposed upon us from creatures who’s orgasms are NOT required for procreation.

  • Em says:

    I’m a sex coach in Sydney, Australia, and most of my clients are men suffering from pe or ed or both. There are many ways to beat this but they all come down to practicing during your own masturbation. Sex is pretty exciting and it takes time to get used to that level of stimulation.

    My advice is to see how long you can go on your own masturbating, and use lube, and even introduce a flesh light (silicone vagina from a sex shop), as it’s pretty realistic and can help you adjust to the high level of sensation you get from sex. Use a nice even breath and squeeze your pelvic floor (that muscle you clench to stop yourself pooing!) as you come closer to ejaculation. Over time, you will prolong the experience on your own which will then increase how long you last with your partner.

    I have loads of information on lasting longer in bed on my website, lots of informative articles from science, from my therapeutic experience, including sex skills, and I recommend products too:



  • LastLongerNow says:

    Breathing is such a method. You have to be in a relaxing mood. Don’t breathe in an exciting mood. Otherwise it can pose a problem for you. Squeezing technique will also let you know of how to overcome premature ejaculation. In the squeezing technique you have to give pressure to the penile shaft with your fingers by which the premature ejaculation can be cured. Your partner can also help you in curing the premature ejaculation. You can solve this problem by wearing a condom. You can wear a condom and can do the love masking process. But it will not satisfy your partner. By wearing a condom PE can be cured but the lovemaking process will remain unsatisfactory. Changing positions can also help you to be cured of this problem. Changing position varies from man to man.
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  • Adam Hollioke says:

    You can stop premature ejaculation by thinking about something not related to sex during sex. For instance, thinking about a base ball game or doing the laundry can help you to last long. The more you can distract yourself from sexual thoughts, the more you can increase your lasting power without losing your erection.MORE AT —

  • Christina Clemence says:

    These tips are great, but my partner still suffers from PE. Are there any products you would recommend? We’ve been reading into one called Promescent recently and the results look promising. Has anyone tried it?

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