How to Get Killer Abs Fast in Just 2 Weeks

by admin on July 01, 2011
That's how killer abs looks!

Getting six pack abs is a goal for many men. However, spending hours in the gym to achieve them, takes time and effort. It is still possible to learn how to get killer abs fast in only 2 weeks without resorting to a non-stop exercise and diet regime. So stop postponing it and learn how to transform your abs quickly. A few high intensity workouts combined with cardio can result in a washboard stomach fast.

The Top Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Learning how to get killer abs means learning how to do the right exercises. First and foremost, use proper form. Movements should be slow and controlled. By concentrating on the abdominal muscles it will increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Lower abdominal crunches and abdominal lifts can help work the lower abs, while regular crunches, reverse crunches and decline sit ups can increase muscle in the upper abs. Other exercises that help when learning how to get killer abs fast include leg raises, Russian twists (a modified crunch) and hanging leg raises.

Cardio for a Flat Stomach

Another key for how to get ripped abs fast is to do cardio which burns fat. All the crunches in the world may develop six pack abs, but no one will see them if they are under a layer of fat. By using cardio to burn the belly fat, it can make those muscles visible again. Cardio may include running, stair exercises, biking or other form of exercise (such as circuit training) depending on personal preference. Interval cardio training can help it burn off even faster by keeping the body in a constant state of flux and reducing the possibility of the body adjusting to a certain form of exercise.

Diet and Killer Abs

When learning how to get killer abs fast it is important not to neglect diet. The most important thing is to drink a lot of water. This flushes out toxins from the body and reduces bloat. Fiber also helps reduce stomach flab. Foods rich in fiber like whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains are all an excellent way to achieve great abs. High protein foods are another important part of the diet and increase muscle mass. Choose lean proteins and healthy fats while reducing high carbohydrate, empty calorie foods that increase weight gain.

Break Up Mealtime

The common Western ideal of three meals a day is not a healthy way to live. In order to learn how to get killer abs, people should also learn how to break up their food over several small meals. Having six small meals a day allows the body to burn more fat and use it as fuel instead of storing it as fat. Make these meals healthy and reduce caloric intake throughout the day by adding in healthy snacks like a piece of cheese and whole grain crackers or an apple dipped in peanut butter.
By following these simple tips, it is possible to get killer abs in just two weeks. Just remember to stay determined and take a multidimensional approach to ensure the best results.

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